NeoMutt – A Developer’s View

NeoMutt has many improvements over Mutt. Below is a list of all the differences between Mutt and NeoMutt.

This guide is correct as of Mutt-1.8.3 and NeoMutt-20170609. This guide is written for developers of NeoMutt. If you’re a not a developer, see the User’s View.


Besides the changes to the code, NeoMutt uses several free services.


NeoMutt makes heavy use of all of GitHub’s facilities.


Every commit that is pushed to GitHub is compiled automatically by TravisCI. This is managed by the travis-build repo.

A copy of NeoMutt’s Travis scripts are kept here


Perodically, NeoMutt’s source is pushed to Coverity. Coverity provide a static analysis of the code.

Since splitting from Mutt, NeoMutt have fixed over 200 defects (e.g. resource leaks, unset pointers) raised by Coverity. NeoMutt’s “defect density” is 0.70.


NeoMutt wants to remain compatible with Mutt, but it also wants to improve the user’s experience. To achieve this, NeoMutt has added many features to Mutt and removed very little.


Many files have been removed from the repo:

  • Mercurial-repo-specific files
  • Documentation that’s out of date or irrelevant
  • Build scripts, that are now generated
  • Compatibility source (e.g. strdup.c)
  • Obsolete source (dotlock.c)

See also:


These options have been removed from configure.

Options Reason for Removal
--disable-iconv Use system version
--disable-warnings Obsolete
--enable-exact-address Obsolete
--enable-external-dotlock Obsolete
--enable-hcache Use backend options
--enable-nfs-fix Obsolete
--with-exec-shell Obsolete
--with-included-gettext Use system version
--with-regex Use system version


Some code has been removed from Mutt.

For compatibility on old systems, Mutt had local versions of code for:

  • Regular Expressiones (regex)
  • International domain-name handling (intl)
  • Message translation (gettext)

These are now readily available and have become build requirements.

General tidying:

  • Code rearranged to avoid the need for forward delclarations
  • Removed commented out blocks of code
  • Removed #if 0 blocks of code
  • Removed #ifdef CONFIG_H – it’s required

The “security-checking” script has been removed along with the comment markers it needed. This job is better done by coverity:


Finally, the code that parsed and listed the PATCHES has been dropped. NeoMutt no longer distributes patches and will readily adopt any suggested improvements.


Some documentation has been removed from NeoMutt.

Doc Reason for removal
ABOUT-NLS Auto-generated
BEWARE Obsolete
ChangeLog Replaced by NeoMutt’s
doc/TODO Obsolete
imap/TODO Obsolete
NEWS Obsolete
PATCHES Obsolete
README Replaced by NeoMutt’s
TODO Obsolete
VERSION Obsolete

Also, NeoMutt no longer distributes PDF or LaTeX docs.



Many files in the repo have been renamed to group them, or to better match the other files.

Renamed files:

  • Filenames containing a hyphen (dash)
  • Files for the header cache (hcache)
  • Files for encryption / signing (ncrypt)


configure has been extensively refactored:

  • Easier to maintain
  • Faster running
  • Fewer unnecessary checks
  • Better at discovering libraries
  • Dependency on the wide-char version of ncurses

NeoMutt declared that POSIX:2001 was the base requirement for building. This meant that many checks could be removed from configure.

These options have been removed, but the features remain. The features didn’t have any build dependencies, so they are always built in.

Options State
--enable-compressed Built in
--enable-imap Built in
--enable-mailtool Built in
--enable-pop Built in
--enable-sidebar Built in
--enable-smtp Built in


The code has undergone extensive improvements.

Notable changes:

  • Remove tabs and trailing whitespace
  • Clang-format the entire source tree
  • Refactor the header cache (hcache)
  • Refactor encryption / signing (ncrypt)
  • Refactor struct Buffer code (buffer.c)

Code style changes:

  • Run IWYU (Include What You Use)
  • Initialise pointers
  • Boolify functions
  • Boolify struct members
  • strcmp-like functions == 0
  • Remove () from return
  • Fix mutt_message _() missing ()s
  • Add argument name to function prototypes
  • Reduce scope of for variables
  • Limit scope of functions (static) and rename
  • Unify #include guards
  • Renamed shadow variables
  • #ifdef, not #if for variables
  • fn(); -> fn(void);
  • snake_case for function names
  • Abbreviate pointers tests (x), (!x)
  • Fix typos & grammar
  • Don’t case malloc return
  • sizeof X -> sizeof(X)
  • Fix calloc args (num, size)
  • Remove Mutt-isms: FOREVER, etc.
  • dprint -> mutt_debug


A lot of the documentation has been updated. Most of the references to Mutt have been updated to NeoMutt.

The DocBook documentation file has:

  • De-tabbed
  • Re-formatted
  • Re-indented



Many files have been added to the repo.

Files added:

  • Feature source code
  • Git repo config
  • EditorConfig file
  • Clang Format config
  • Build files
  • Documentation
  • User contributions


These configure options have been added to NeoMutt.

Options Description
--disable-po Don’t build the translations (.po files)
--enable-everything Build everything possible
--enable-fmemopen Unstable feature
--enable-lua Enable Lua Scripting
--enable-notmuch Enable Notmuch searching


All the code that has been added to NeoMutt is already accounted for in the new features and in the code refactoring.


All NeoMutt features come with full documentation.

  • Simple description
  • Full list of config
  • Sample config file
  • Author credits

The new NeoMutt documentation:

File Description An Introduction to NeoMutt How to start contributing to NeoMutt How to write a perfect bug report w to write a perfect feature request How to ask a perfect question How to write a perfect pull request

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