Renamed Files

Many files have been renamed or moved by NeoMutt



These files have had their hyphens (dashes) replaced with an underscore.

Old Name New Name
crypt-gpgme.c crypt_gpgme.c
crypt-gpgme.h crypt_gpgme.h
crypt-mod-pgp-classic.c crypt_mod_pgp_classic.c
crypt-mod-pgp-gpgme.c crypt_mod_pgp_gpgme.c
crypt-mod-smime-classic.c crypt_mod_smime_classic.c
crypt-mod-smime-gpgme.c crypt_mod_smime_gpgme.c
crypt-mod.c crypt_mod.c
crypt-mod.h crypt_mod.h
doc/makedoc-defs.h doc/makedoc_defs.h
hcache-backend.h hcache_backend.h
hcache-bdb.c hcache_bdb.c
hcache-gdbm.c hcache_gdbm.c
hcache-kc.c hcache_kc.c
hcache-lmdb.c hcache_lmdb.c
hcache-qdbm.c hcache_qdbm.c
hcache-tc.c hcache_tc.c


The source files dealing with encryption / signing have been moved to the ncrypt directory.

Old Name New Name
crypt.c ncrypt/crypt.c
cryptglue.c ncrypt/cryptglue.c
crypt_gpgme.c ncrypt/crypt_gpgme.c
crypt_gpgme.h ncrypt/crypt_gpgme.h
crypt_mod.c ncrypt/crypt_mod.c
crypt_mod.h ncrypt/crypt_mod.h
gnupgparse.c ncrypt/gnupgparse.c
mutt_crypt.h ncrypt/ncrypt.h
pgp.c ncrypt/pgp.c
pgp.h ncrypt/pgpinvoke.h
pgpinvoke.c ncrypt/pgpinvoke.c
pgpkey.c ncrypt/pgpkey.c
pgplib.c ncrypt/pgplib.c
pgplib.h ncrypt/pgplib.h
pgpmicalg.c ncrypt/pgpmicalg.c
pgppacket.c ncrypt/pgppacket.c
pgppacket.h ncrypt/pgppacket.h
smime.c ncrypt/smime.c
smime.h ncrypt/smime.h


The source files dealing with the header cache have been moved to the hcache directory.

Old Name New Name
hcache.c hcache/hcache.c
hcache.h hcache/hcache.h hcache/
hcache_backend.h hcache/backend.h
hcache_bdb.c hcache/bdb.c
hcache_gdbm.c hcache/gdbm.c
hcache_kc.c hcache/kc.c
hcache_lmdb.c hcache/lmdb.c
hcache_qdbm.c hcache/qdbm.c
hcache_tc.c hcache/tc.c

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