Renamed (typedef’d) Structs

Many structs have been renamed by NeoMutt



Typedefs will only be used for opaque data types. These structs have also been renamed for consistency.

Old typedef New struct
ACCOUNT struct Account
ADDRESS struct Address
ALIAS struct Alias
ansi_attr struct AnsiAttr
ATTACHPTR struct AttachPtr
ATTACH_MATCH struct AttachMatch
BODY struct Body
body_cache_t struct BodyCache
BUFFER struct Buffer
BUFFY struct Buffy
CHILD_CTX struct ChildCtx
ciss_url_t struct CissUrl
compose_redraw_data_t struct ComposeRedrawData
COMPRESS_INFO struct CompressInfo
CONNECTION struct Connection
CONTENT struct Content
CONTENT_STATE struct ContentState
CONTEXT struct Context
ENTER_STATE struct EnterState
ENVELOPE struct Envelope
event_t struct Event
FETCH_CTX struct FetchCtx
flowed_state_t struct FlowedState
FOLDER struct Folder
group_context_t struct GroupContext
group_t struct Group
HASH struct Hash
hcache_db_ctx_t struct HcacheDbCtx
hcache_lmdb_ctx_t struct HcacheLmdbCtx
HEADER struct Header
HOOK struct Hook
imap_auth_t struct ImapAuth
IMAP_CACHE struct ImapCache
IMAP_COMMAND struct ImapCommand
IMAP_DATA struct ImapData
IMAP_HEADER struct ImapHeader
IMAP_HEADER_DATA struct ImapHeaderData
IMAP_LIST struct ImapList
IMAP_MBOX struct ImapMbox
IMAP_STATUS struct ImapStatus
LIST struct List
mbchar_table struct MbCharTable
MESSAGE struct Message
MIXCHAIN struct MixChain
MUTTMENU struct Menu
mutt_window_t struct MuttWindow
myvar_t struct MyVar
NEWSRC_ENTRY struct NewsrcEntry
NNTP_ACACHE struct NntpAcache
NNTP_DATA struct NntpData
NNTP_HEADER_DATA struct NntpHeaderData
NNTP_SERVER struct NntpServer
pager_redraw_data_t struct PagerRedrawData
pager_t struct Pager
PARAMETER struct Parameter
pattern_cache_t struct PatternCache
pattern_t struct Pattern
pgp_entry_t struct PgpEntry
pgp_key_t struct PgpKeyInfo
pgp_sig_t struct PgpSignature
pgp_uid_t struct PgpUid
pop_auth_t struct PopAuth
POP_CACHE struct PopCache
POP_DATA struct PopData
progress_t struct Progress
QUERY struct Query
REGEXP struct Regex
REMAILER struct Remailer
REPLACE_LIST struct ReplaceList
rfc1524_entry struct Rfc1524MailcapEntry
RX_LIST struct RxList
SASL_DATA struct SaslData
SBENTRY struct SbEntry
SCORE struct Score
SHA1_CTX struct Sha1Ctx
smime_key_t struct SmimeKey
sslsockdata struct SslSockData
STATE struct State
THREAD struct MuttThread
TUNNEL_DATA struct TunnelData

Plain structs

These plain structs have been renamed for consistency.

Old struct New struct
struct b64_context struct B64Context
struct binding_t struct Binding
struct browser_state struct BrowserState
struct command_t struct Command
struct compile_options struct CompileOptions
struct coord struct Coord
struct crypt_cache struct CryptCache
struct crypt_module_functions struct CryptModuleFunctions
struct crypt_module_specs struct CryptModuleSpecs
struct dn_array_s struct DnArrayS
struct enriched_state struct EnrichedState
struct extkey struct Extkey
struct fgetconv_not struct FgetConvNot
struct fgetconv_s struct FgetConvS
struct folder_file struct FolderFile
struct hash_elem struct HashElem
struct hash_walk_state struct HashWalkState
struct hdr_format_info struct HdrFormatInfo
struct header_cache struct HeaderCache
struct history struct History
struct keymap_t struct Keymap
struct line_t struct Line
struct maildir struct Maildir
struct mapping_t struct Mapping
struct md5_ctx struct Md5Ctx
struct mh_data struct MhData
struct mh_sequences struct MhSequences
struct m_update_t struct MUpdate
struct mx_ops struct MxOps
struct nm_ctxdata struct NmCtxdata
struct nm_hdrdata struct NmHdrdata
struct nm_hdrtag struct NmHdrtag
struct option_t struct Option
struct pattern_flags struct PatternFlags
struct pgp_cache struct PgpCache
struct pgp_command_context struct PgpCommandContext
struct q_class_t struct QClass
struct range_regexp struct RangeRegex
struct resize struct Resize
struct rfc2231_parameter struct Rfc2231Parameter
struct smime_command_context struct SmimeCommandContext
struct syntax_t struct Syntax
struct sysexits struct Sysexits
struct _tlssockdata struct TlsSockData
struct tz_t struct Tz
struct uri_tag struct UriTag

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