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account.c File Reference

A group of associated Mailboxes. More...

#include "config.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include "mutt/lib.h"
#include "config/lib.h"
#include "core/lib.h"
#include "account.h"
#include "mailbox.h"
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struct Accountaccount_new (const char *name, struct ConfigSubset *sub)
 Create a new Account. More...
bool account_mailbox_add (struct Account *a, struct Mailbox *m)
 Add a Mailbox to an Account. More...
bool account_mailbox_remove (struct Account *a, struct Mailbox *m)
 Remove a Mailbox from an Account. More...
void account_free (struct Account **ptr)
 Free an Account. More...

Detailed Description

A group of associated Mailboxes.

  • Richard Russon

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Definition in file account.c.

Function Documentation

◆ account_new()

struct Account* account_new ( const char *  name,
struct ConfigSubset sub 

Create a new Account.

nameName for the Account
subParent Config Subset
Return values
ptrNew Account

Definition at line 43 of file account.c.

44 {
45  if (!sub)
46  return NULL;
48  struct Account *a = mutt_mem_calloc(1, sizeof(struct Account));
51  a->notify = notify_new();
52  a->name = mutt_str_dup(name);
53  a->sub = cs_subset_new(name, sub, a->notify);
54  a->sub->cs = sub->cs;
57  return a;
58 }
void * mutt_mem_calloc(size_t nmemb, size_t size)
Allocate zeroed memory on the heap.
Definition: memory.c:50
struct Notify * notify_new(void)
Create a new notifications handler.
Definition: notify.c:60
char * mutt_str_dup(const char *str)
Copy a string, safely.
Definition: string.c:370
#define STAILQ_INIT(head)
Definition: queue.h:372
A group of associated Mailboxes.
Definition: account.h:37
char * name
Name of Account.
Definition: account.h:39
struct Notify * notify
Notifications: NotifyAccount, EventAccount.
Definition: account.h:42
struct ConfigSubset * sub
Inherited config items.
Definition: account.h:40
struct MailboxList mailboxes
List of Mailboxes.
Definition: account.h:41
struct ConfigSet * cs
Parent ConfigSet.
Definition: subset.h:51
enum ConfigScope scope
Scope of Subset, e.g. SET_SCOPE_ACCOUNT.
Definition: subset.h:49
struct ConfigSubset * cs_subset_new(const char *name, struct ConfigSubset *sub_parent, struct Notify *not_parent)
Create a new Config Subset.
Definition: subset.c:144
This Config is Account-specific.
Definition: subset.h:39
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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ account_mailbox_add()

bool account_mailbox_add ( struct Account a,
struct Mailbox m 

Add a Mailbox to an Account.

mMailbox to add
Return values
trueMailbox was added

Definition at line 66 of file account.c.

67 {
68  if (!a || !m)
69  return false;
71  if (a->type == MUTT_UNKNOWN)
72  a->type = m->type;
74  m->account = a;
75  struct MailboxNode *np = mutt_mem_calloc(1, sizeof(*np));
76  np->mailbox = m;
77  STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(&a->mailboxes, np, entries);
78  mailbox_set_subset(m, a->sub);
81  mutt_debug(LL_NOTIFY, "NT_MAILBOX_ADD: %s %p\n", mailbox_get_type_name(m->type), m);
82  struct EventMailbox ev_m = { m };
84  return true;
85 }
#define mutt_debug(LEVEL,...)
Definition: logging.h:84
Log of notifications.
Definition: logging.h:45
bool mailbox_set_subset(struct Mailbox *m, struct ConfigSubset *sub)
Set a Mailbox's Config Subset.
Definition: mailbox.c:247
const char * mailbox_get_type_name(enum MailboxType type)
Get the type of a Mailbox.
Definition: mailbox.c:298
Mailbox has been added.
Definition: mailbox.h:173
Mailbox wasn't recognised.
Definition: mailbox.h:47
bool notify_send(struct Notify *notify, enum NotifyType event_type, int event_subtype, void *event_data)
Send out a notification message.
Definition: notify.c:171
void notify_set_parent(struct Notify *notify, struct Notify *parent)
Set the parent notification handler.
Definition: notify.c:93
Mailbox has changed, NotifyMailbox, EventMailbox.
Definition: notify_type.h:48
#define STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(head, elm, field)
Definition: queue.h:389
enum MailboxType type
Type of Mailboxes this Account contains.
Definition: account.h:38
An Event that happened to a Mailbox.
Definition: mailbox.h:191
List of Mailboxes.
Definition: mailbox.h:157
struct Mailbox * mailbox
Mailbox in the list.
Definition: mailbox.h:158
enum MailboxType type
Mailbox type.
Definition: mailbox.h:105
struct Notify * notify
Notifications: NotifyMailbox, EventMailbox.
Definition: mailbox.h:148
struct Account * account
Account that owns this Mailbox.
Definition: mailbox.h:131
+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ account_mailbox_remove()

bool account_mailbox_remove ( struct Account a,
struct Mailbox m 

Remove a Mailbox from an Account.

mMailbox to remove
Return values
trueOn success
If m is NULL, all the mailboxes will be removed and FREE'd. Otherwise, the specified mailbox is removed from the Account but not FREE'd.

Definition at line 96 of file account.c.

97 {
98  if (!a || STAILQ_EMPTY(&a->mailboxes))
99  return false;
101  if (!m)
102  {
103  mutt_debug(LL_NOTIFY, "NT_MAILBOX_DELETE_ALL\n");
104  struct EventMailbox ev_m = { NULL };
106  }
108  bool result = false;
109  struct MailboxNode *np = NULL;
110  struct MailboxNode *tmp = NULL;
111  STAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE(np, &a->mailboxes, entries, tmp)
112  {
113  if (m && (np->mailbox != m))
114  continue;
116  STAILQ_REMOVE(&a->mailboxes, np, MailboxNode, entries);
117  if (m)
118  {
119  m->account = NULL;
121  }
122  else
123  {
124  mailbox_free(&np->mailbox);
125  }
126  FREE(&np);
127  result = true;
128  if (m)
129  break;
130  }
132  return result;
133 }
void mailbox_free(struct Mailbox **ptr)
Free a Mailbox.
Definition: mailbox.c:87
All Mailboxes are about to be deleted.
Definition: mailbox.h:175
#define FREE(x)
Definition: memory.h:40
#define STAILQ_REMOVE(head, elm, type, field)
Definition: queue.h:402
#define STAILQ_EMPTY(head)
Definition: queue.h:348
#define STAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE(var, head, field, tvar)
Definition: queue.h:362
Container for Accounts, Notifications.
Definition: neomutt.h:37
struct Notify * notify
Notifications handler.
Definition: neomutt.h:38
+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ account_free()

void account_free ( struct Account **  ptr)

Free an Account.

[out]ptrAccount to free

Definition at line 139 of file account.c.

140 {
141  if (!ptr || !*ptr)
142  return;
144  struct Account *a = *ptr;
146  mutt_debug(LL_NOTIFY, "NT_ACCOUNT_DELETE: %s %p\n", mailbox_get_type_name(a->type), a);
147  struct EventAccount ev_a = { a };
150  account_mailbox_remove(a, NULL);
152  if (a->adata && a->adata_free)
153  a->adata_free(&a->adata);
155  cs_subset_free(&a->sub);
156  FREE(&a->name);
157  notify_free(&a->notify);
159  FREE(ptr);
160 }
bool account_mailbox_remove(struct Account *a, struct Mailbox *m)
Remove a Mailbox from an Account.
Definition: account.c:96
Account is about to be deleted.
Definition: account.h:70
void notify_free(struct Notify **ptr)
Free a notification handler.
Definition: notify.c:73
Account has changed, NotifyAccount, EventAccount.
Definition: notify_type.h:34
void(* adata_free)(void **ptr)
Free the private data attached to the Account.
Definition: account.h:53
void * adata
Private data (for Mailbox backends)
Definition: account.h:43
An Event that happened to an Account.
Definition: account.h:79
void cs_subset_free(struct ConfigSubset **ptr)
Free a Config Subset.
Definition: subset.c:104
+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function: