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Address groups

Handling for email address groups.


Data Description Links
Groups Hash Table: "group-name" -> Group


Function Description Links
empty_group() Is a Group empty?
group_add_addrlist() Add an Address List to a Group
group_add_regex() Add a Regex to a Group
group_free() Free an Address Group
group_hash_free() Free our hash table data hash_hdata_free_t, hash_hdata_free_api
group_new() Create a new Address Group
group_remove() Remove a Group from the Hash Table
group_remove_regex() Remove a Regex from a Group
mutt_group_match() Does a string match an entry in a Group?
mutt_grouplist_add() Add a Group to a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_add_addrlist() Add Address list to a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_add_regex() Add matching Addresses to a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_cleanup() Free GroupList singleton resource
mutt_grouplist_clear() Clear a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_destroy() Free a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_init() Initialize the GroupList singleton
mutt_grouplist_remove_addrlist() Remove an AddressList from a GroupList
mutt_grouplist_remove_regex() Remove matching addresses from a GroupList
mutt_pattern_group() Match a pattern to a Group