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Attachment functions

Attachment code.


Function Description Links
ba_add_tagged() Get an array of tagged Attachments
can_print() Do we know how to print this attachment type?
current_attachment() Get the current attachment
has_a_message() Determine if the Body has a message (to save)
mutt_attach_display_loop() Event loop for the Attachment menu
mutt_attach_init() Create a new Attachment context
mutt_generate_recvattach_list() Create a list of attachments
mutt_pipe_attachment_list() Pipe a list of attachments to a command
mutt_print_attachment_list() Print a list of Attachments
mutt_save_attachment_list() Save a list of attachments
mutt_update_recvattach_menu() Update the Attachment Menu
mutt_update_tree() Refresh the list of attachments
mutt_update_v2r() Update the virtual list of attachments
pipe_attachment() Pipe the attachment to a command
pipe_attachment_list() Pipe a list of attachments to a command
prepend_savedir() Add $attach_save_dir to the beginning of a path
print_attachment_list() Print a list of Attachments
query_pipe_attachment() Ask the user if we should pipe the attachment
query_save_attachment() Ask the user if we should save the attachment
recvattach_edit_content_type() Edit the content type of an attachment
save_attachment_flowed_helper() Helper for unstuffing attachments
save_without_prompting() Save the attachment, without prompting each time.