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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Autocrypt end-to-end encryption

Autocrypt end-to-end encryption

Function Description
mutt_autocrypt_account_init() Create a new Autocrypt account
mutt_autocrypt_cleanup() Shutdown Autocrypt
mutt_autocrypt_generate_gossip_list() Create the gossip list headers
mutt_autocrypt_init() Initialise Autocrypt
mutt_autocrypt_process_autocrypt_header() Parse an Autocrypt email header
mutt_autocrypt_process_gossip_header() Parse an Autocrypt email gossip header
mutt_autocrypt_scan_mailboxes() Scan mailboxes for Autocrypt headers
mutt_autocrypt_set_sign_as_default_key() Set the Autocrypt default key for signing
mutt_autocrypt_ui_recommendation() Get the recommended action for an Email
mutt_autocrypt_write_autocrypt_header() Write the Autocrypt header to a file
mutt_autocrypt_write_gossip_headers() Write the Autocrypt gossip headers to a file