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Autocrypt database handling

Autocrypt database handling.


Function Description Links
autocrypt_db_create() Create an Autocrypt SQLite database
copy_normalize_addr() Copy a normalised Email Address
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_delete() Delete an Account from the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_free() Free an AutocryptAccount
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get() Get Autocrypt Account data from the database
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_get_all() Get all accounts from an Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_insert() Insert an Account into the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_new() Create a new AutocryptAccount
mutt_autocrypt_db_account_update() Update Account info in the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_close() Close the Autocrypt SQLite database connection
mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_free() Free an AutocryptGossipHistory
mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_insert() Insert a gossip history into the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_gossip_history_new() Create a new AutocryptGossipHistory
mutt_autocrypt_db_init() Initialise the Autocrypt SQLite database
mutt_autocrypt_db_normalize_addr() Normalise an Email Address
mutt_autocrypt_db_normalize_addrlist() Normalise a list of Email Addresses
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_free() Free an AutocryptPeer
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_get() Get peer info from the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_free() Free an AutocryptPeerHistory
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_insert() Insert peer history into the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_history_new() Create a new AutocryptPeerHistory
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_insert() Insert a peer into the Autocrypt database
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_new() Create a new AutocryptPeer
mutt_autocrypt_db_peer_update() Update the peer info in an Autocrypt database
strdup_column_text() Copy a string from the database