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Colour and attributes

The colour and attributes of a graphical object are represented by an AttrColor.


Function Description Links
attr_color_clear() Free the contents of an AttrColor
attr_color_copy() Copy a colour
attr_color_free() Free an AttrColor
attr_color_is_set() Is the object coloured?
attr_color_list_clear() Free the contents of an AttrColorList
attr_color_list_find() Find an AttrColor in a list
attr_color_match() Do the colours match?
attr_color_new() Create a new AttrColor
attr_color_overwrite() Update an AttrColor in-place
color_xterm256_to_24bit() Convert a xterm color to its RGB value
modify_color_by_prefix() Modify a colour/attributes based on a prefix, e.g. "bright"