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Quoted-Email colours

Manage the colours of quoted emails.


Data Description Links
NumQuotedColors Number of colours for quoted email text
QuotedColors Array of colours for quoted email text


Function Description Links
find_highest_used() Find the highest-numbered quotedN in use
qstyle_classify() Find a style for a string
qstyle_free() Free a single QuoteStyle object
qstyle_free_tree() Free an entire tree of QuoteStyle
qstyle_insert() Insert a new quote colour class into a list
qstyle_new() Create a new QuoteStyle
qstyle_recolor() Recolour quotes after colour changes
qstyle_recurse() Update the quoting styles after colour changes
quoted_colors_cleanup() Reset the quoted-email colours
quoted_colors_get() Return the color of a quote, cycling through the used quotes
quoted_colors_init() Initialise the Quoted colours
quoted_colors_num_used() Return the number of used quotes
quoted_colors_parse_color() Parse the 'color quoted' command
quoted_colors_parse_uncolor() Parse the 'uncolor quoted' command