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Compressed mailbox functions

Compressed mbox local mailbox type.

Any references to compressed files also apply to encrypted files.
  • mailbox->path == plaintext file
  • mailbox->realpath == compressed file

Implementation: MxCompOps


Data Description Links
CompCommands Compression Commands
MxCompOps Compressed Mailbox MxOps, mx_api


Function Description Links
comp_ac_add() Add a Mailbox to an Account MxOps::ac_add(), mx_ac_add
comp_ac_owns_path() Check whether an Account owns a Mailbox path MxOps::ac_owns_path(), mx_ac_owns_path
comp_mbox_check() Check for new mail MxOps::mbox_check(), mx_mbox_check
comp_mbox_close() Close a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_close(), mx_mbox_close
comp_mbox_open() Open a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_open(), mx_mbox_open
comp_mbox_open_append() Open a Mailbox for appending MxOps::mbox_open_append(), mx_mbox_open_append
comp_mbox_sync() Save changes to the Mailbox MxOps::mbox_sync(), mx_mbox_sync
comp_msg_close() Close an email MxOps::msg_close(), mx_msg_close
comp_msg_commit() Save changes to an email MxOps::msg_commit(), mx_msg_commit
comp_msg_open() Open an email message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open(), mx_msg_open
comp_msg_open_new() Open a new message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open_new(), mx_msg_open_new
comp_msg_padding_size() Bytes of padding between messages MxOps::msg_padding_size(), mx_msg_padding_size
comp_msg_save_hcache() Save message to the header cache MxOps::msg_save_hcache(), mx_msg_save_hcache
comp_path_canon() Canonicalise a Mailbox path MxOps::path_canon(), mx_path_canon
comp_path_parent() Find the parent of a Mailbox path MxOps::path_parent(), mx_path_parent
comp_path_pretty() Abbreviate a Mailbox path MxOps::path_pretty(), mx_path_pretty
comp_path_probe() Is this a compressed Mailbox? MxOps::path_probe(), mx_path_probe
comp_tags_commit() Save the tags to a message MxOps::tags_commit(), mx_tags_commit
comp_tags_edit() Prompt and validate new messages tags MxOps::tags_edit(), mx_tags_edit
compress_format_str() Expand the filenames in a command string format_t, expando_api
compress_info_free() Frees the compress info members and structure
execute_command() Run a system command
expand_command_str() Expand placeholders in command string
lock_realpath() Try to lock the Mailbox.realpath
mutt_comp_can_append() Can we append to this path?
mutt_comp_can_read() Can we read from this file?
mutt_comp_init() Setup feature commands
mutt_comp_valid_command() Is this command string allowed?
set_compress_info() Find the compress hooks for a mailbox
setup_paths() Set the mailbox paths
store_size() Save the size of the compressed file
unlock_realpath() Unlock the mailbox->realpath