NeoMutt  2020-06-26-30-g76c339
Teaching an old dog new tricks
GUI editor for an email's headers

GUI editor for an email's headers

Function Description
compose_attach_swap() Swap two adjacent entries in the attachment list
compose_custom_redraw() Redraw the compose menu - Implements Menu::custom_redraw()
compose_format_str() Create the status bar string for compose mode - Implements format_t
compose_status_line() Compose the string for the status bar
mutt_compose_menu() Allow the user to edit the message envelope
mutt_dlg_compose_observer() Listen for config changes affecting the Compose menu - Implements observer_t
mutt_gen_compose_attach_list() Generate the attachment list for the compose screen
mutt_update_compose_menu() Redraw the compose window
update_crypt_info() Update the crypto info
update_idx() Add a new attchment to the message