NeoMutt  2018-07-16 +952-a2da0a
Teaching an old dog new tricks
CONFIG: Flexible handling of config items

User configurable variables.

File Description
config/address.c Type: Email address
config/bool.c Type: Boolean
config/cfgaccount.c Account-specific config items
config/command.c Type: Command
config/dump.c Dump all the config
config/long.c Type: Long
config/magic.c Type: Mailbox types
config/mbtable.c Type: Multi-byte character table
config/number.c Type: Number
config/path.c Type: Path
config/quad.c Type: Quad-option
config/regex.c Type: Regular expression
config/set.c Config Set
config/sort.c Type: Sorting
config/string.c Type: String