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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Type: Long

Config type representing a long.

  • Backed by long
  • Validator is passed long
  • Implementation: cst_long
Function Description
cst_long() Config type representing a long
long_native_get - Get a long from a Long config item() Implements ConfigSetType::native_get() -
long_native_set - Set a Long config item by long() Implements ConfigSetType::native_set() -
long_reset - Reset a Long to its initial value() Implements ConfigSetType::reset() -
long_string_get - Get a Long as a string() Implements ConfigSetType::string_get() -
long_string_minus_equals - Subtract from a Long by string() Implements ConfigSetType::string_minus_equals() -
long_string_plus_equals - Add to a Long by string() Implements ConfigSetType::string_plus_equals() -
long_string_set - Set a Long by string() Implements ConfigSetType::string_set() -