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Type: MyVar

Config type representing a user-defined variable "my_var".

  • Backed by char *
  • Empty variable is stored as NULL
  • Data is freed when ConfigSet is freed
  • Implementation: CstMyVar


Data Description Links
CstMyVar Config type representing a MyVar


Function Description Links
myvar_destroy() Destroy a MyVar ConfigSetType::destroy(), cfg_type_destroy
myvar_native_get() Get a string from a MyVar config item ConfigSetType::native_get(), cfg_type_native_get
myvar_native_set() Set a MyVar config item by string ConfigSetType::native_set(), cfg_type_native_set
myvar_reset() Reset a MyVar to its initial value ConfigSetType::reset(), cfg_type_reset
myvar_string_get() Get a MyVar as a string ConfigSetType::string_get(), cfg_type_string_get
myvar_string_plus_equals() Add to a MyVar by string ConfigSetType::string_plus_equals(), cfg_type_string_plus_equals
myvar_string_set() Set a MyVar by string ConfigSetType::string_set(), cfg_type_string_set