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Neomutt's Configuration variables

Brief overview of all of Neomutt's Configuration variables.

Global Variable Config Item Description
AbortNoattach $abort_noattach Abort sending the email if attachments are missing
AbortNoattachRegex $abort_noattach_regex Regex to match text indicating attachments are expected
AbortNosubject $abort_nosubject Abort creating the email if subject is missing
AbortUnmodified $abort_unmodified Abort the sending if the message hasn't been edited
AliasFile $alias_file Save new aliases to this file
AliasFormat $alias_format printf-like format string for the alias menu
Allow8bit $allow8bit Allow 8-bit messages, don't use quoted-printable or base64
AllowAnsi $allow_ansi Allow ANSI colour codes in rich text messages
ArrowCursor $arrow_cursor Use an arrow '->' instead of highlighting in the index
AsciiChars $ascii_chars Use plain ASCII characters, when drawing email threads
Askbcc $askbcc Ask the user for the blind-carbon-copy recipients
Askcc $askcc Ask the user for the carbon-copy recipients
AskFollowUp $ask_follow_up (nntp) Ask the user for follow-up groups before editing
AskXCommentTo $ask_x_comment_to (nntp) Ask the user for the 'X-Comment-To' field before editing
AssumedCharset $assumed_charset If a message is missing a character set, assume this character set
AttachCharset $attach_charset When attaching files, use one of these character sets
AttachFormat $attach_format printf-like format string for the attachment menu
AttachSaveDir $attach_save_dir Default directory where attachments are saved
AttachSep $attach_sep Separator to add between saved/printed/piped attachments
AttachSplit $attach_split Save/print/pipe tagged messages individually
Attribution $attribution Message to start a reply, "On DATE, PERSON wrote:"
AttributionLocale $attribution_locale Locale for dates in the attribution message
Autoedit $autoedit Skip the initial compose menu and edit the email
AutoTag $auto_tag Automatically apply actions to all tagged messages
Beep $beep Make a noise when an error occurs
BeepNew $beep_new Make a noise when new mail arrives
Bounce $bounce Confirm before bouncing a message
BounceDelivered $bounce_delivered Add 'Delivered-To' to bounced messages
BrailleFriendly $braille_friendly Move the cursor to the beginning of the line
BrowserAbbreviateMailboxes $browser_abbreviate_mailboxes Abbreviate mailboxes using '~' and '=' in the browser
CatchupNewsgroup $catchup_newsgroup (nntp) Mark all articles as read when leaving a newsgroup
CertificateFile $certificate_file File containing trusted certificates
ChangeFolderNext $change_folder_next Suggest the next folder, rather than the first when using '<change-folder>'
Charset $charset Default character set for displaying text on screen
CheckMboxSize $check_mbox_size (mbox,mmdf) Use mailbox size as an indicator of new mail
CheckNew $check_new (maildir,mh) Check for new mail while the mailbox is open
CollapseAll $collapse_all Collapse all threads when entering a folder
CollapseFlagged $collapse_flagged Prevent the collapse of threads with flagged emails
CollapseUnread $collapse_unread Prevent the collapse of threads with unread emails
ComposeFormat $compose_format printf-like format string for the Compose panel's status bar
ConfigCharset $config_charset Character set that the config files are in
Confirmappend $confirmappend Confirm before appending emails to a mailbox
Confirmcreate $confirmcreate Confirm before creating a new mailbox
ConnectTimeout $connect_timeout Timeout for making network connections (-1 to wait indefinitely)
ContentType $content_type Default "Content-Type" for newly composed messages
Copy $copy Save outgoing emails to $record
CryptAutoencrypt $crypt_autoencrypt Automatically PGP encrypt all outgoing mail
CryptAutopgp $crypt_autopgp Allow automatic PGP functions
CryptAutosign $crypt_autosign Automatically PGP sign all outgoing mail
CryptAutosmime $crypt_autosmime Allow automatic SMIME functions
CryptChars $crypt_chars User-configurable crypto flags: signed, encrypted etc.
CryptConfirmhook $crypt_confirmhook Prompt the user to confirm keys before use
CryptOpportunisticEncrypt $crypt_opportunistic_encrypt Enable encryption when the recipient's key is available
CryptReplyencrypt $crypt_replyencrypt Encrypt replies to encrypted messages
CryptReplysign $crypt_replysign Sign replies to signed messages
CryptReplysignencrypted $crypt_replysignencrypted Sign replies to encrypted messages
CryptTimestamp $crypt_timestamp Add a timestamp to PGP or SMIME output to prevent spoofing
CryptUseGpgme $crypt_use_gpgme Use GPGME crypto backend
CryptUsePka $crypt_use_pka Use GPGME to use PKA (lookup PGP keys using DNS)
CryptVerifySig $crypt_verify_sig Verify PGP or SMIME signatures
DateFormat $date_format strftime format string for the d expando
DebugFile $debug_file File to save debug logs
DebugLevel $debug_level Logging level for debug logs
DefaultHook $default_hook Pattern to use for hooks that only have a simple regex
Delete $delete Really delete messages, when the mailbox is closed
DeleteUntag $delete_untag Untag messages when they are marked for deletion
DigestCollapse $digest_collapse Hide the subparts of a multipart/digest
DisplayFilter $display_filter External command to pre-process an email before display
DsnNotify $dsn_notify Request notification for message delivery or delay
DsnReturn $dsn_return What to send as a notification of message delivery or delay
DuplicateThreads $duplicate_threads Highlight messages with duplicated message IDs
EditHeaders $edit_headers Let the user edit the email headers whilst editing an email
Editor $editor External command to use as an email editor
EmptySubject $empty_subject Subject to use when replying to an email with none
EncodeFrom $encode_from Encode 'From ' as 'quote-printable' at the beginning of lines
EntropyFile $entropy_file (ssl) File/device containing random data to initialise SSL
EnvelopeFromAddress $envelope_from_address Manually set the sender for outgoing messages
Escape $escape Escape character to use for functions in the built-in editor
FastReply $fast_reply Don't prompt for the recipients and subject when replying/forwarding
FccAttach $fcc_attach Save send message with all their attachments
FccClear $fcc_clear Save sent messages unencrypted and unsigned
FlagChars $flag_chars User-configurable index flags: tagged, new, etc
FlagSafe $flag_safe Protect flagged messages from deletion
Folder $folder Base folder for a set of mailboxes
FolderFormat $folder_format printf-like format string for the browser's display of folders
FollowupTo $followup_to Add the 'Mail-Followup-To' header is generated when sending mail
FollowupToPoster $followup_to_poster (nntp) Reply to the poster if 'poster' is in the 'Followup-To' header
ForceName $force_name Save outgoing mail in a folder of their name
ForwardAttributionIntro $forward_attribution_intro Prefix message for forwarded messages
ForwardAttributionTrailer $forward_attribution_trailer Suffix message for forwarded messages
ForwardDecode $forward_decode Decode the message when forwarding it
ForwardDecrypt $forward_decrypt Decrypt the message when forwarding it
ForwardEdit $forward_edit Automatically start the editor when forwarding a message
ForwardFormat $forward_format printf-like format string to control the subject when forwarding a message
ForwardQuote $forward_quote Automatically quote a forwarded message using IndentString
ForwardReferences $forward_references Set the 'In-Reply-To' and 'References' headers when forwarding a message
FromChars $from_chars User-configurable index flags: to address, cc address, etc
From $from Default 'From' address to use, if isn't otherwise set
GecosMask $gecos_mask Regex for parsing GECOS field of /etc/passwd
GroupIndexFormat $group_index_format (nntp) printf-like format string for the browser's display of newsgroups
Hdrs $hdrs Add custom headers to outgoing mail
HeaderCacheBackend $header_cache_backend (hcache) Header cache backend to use
HeaderCacheCompress $header_cache_compress (hcache) Enable database compression (qdbm,tokyocabinet,kyotocabinet)
HeaderCache $header_cache (hcache) Directory/file for the header cache database
HeaderCachePagesize $header_cache_pagesize (hcache) Database page size (gdbm,bdb4)
HeaderColorPartial $header_color_partial Only colour the part of the header matching the regex
Header $header Include the message headers in the reply email (Weed applies)
Help $help Display a help line with common key bindings
HiddenHost $hidden_host Don't use the hostname, just the domain, when generating the message id
HiddenTags $hidden_tags Tags that shouldn't be displayed on screen
HideLimited $hide_limited Don't indicate hidden messages, in the thread tree
HideMissing $hide_missing Don't indicate missing messages, in the thread tree
HideThreadSubject $hide_thread_subject Hide subjects that are similar to that of the parent message
HideTopLimited $hide_top_limited Don't indicate hidden top message, in the thread tree
HideTopMissing $hide_top_missing Don't indicate missing top message, in the thread tree
HistoryFile $history_file File to save history in
History $history Number of history entries to keep in memory per category
HistoryRemoveDups $history_remove_dups Remove duplicate entries from the history
HonorDisposition $honor_disposition Don't display MIME parts inline if they have a disposition of 'attachment'
HonorFollowupTo $honor_followup_to Honour the 'Mail-Followup-To' header when group replying
Hostname $hostname Fully-qualified domain name of this machine
IdnDecode $idn_decode (idn) Decode internation domain names
IdnEncode $idn_encode (idn) Encode international domain names
IgnoreListReplyTo $ignore_list_reply_to Ignore the 'Reply-To' header when using <reply> on a mailing list
ImapAuthenticators $imap_authenticators (imap) List of allowed IMAP authentication methods
ImapCheckSubscribed $imap_check_subscribed (imap) When opening a mailbox, ask the server for a list of subscribed folders
ImapCondStore $imap_cond_store (imap) Enable the CONDSTORE extension
ImapDelimChars $imap_delim_chars (imap) Characters that denote separators in IMAP folders
ImapHeaders $imap_headers (imap) Additional email headers to download when getting index
ImapIdle $imap_idle (imap) Use the IMAP IDLE extension to check for new mail
ImapKeepalive $imap_keepalive (imap) Time to wait before polling an open IMAP connection
ImapListSubscribed $imap_list_subscribed (imap) When browsing a mailbox, only display subscribed folders
ImapLogin $imap_login (imap) Login name for the IMAP server (defaults to ImapUser)
ImapOauthRefreshCmd $imap_oauth_refresh_cmd (imap) External command to generate OAUTH refresh token
ImapPass $imap_pass (imap) Password for the IMAP server
ImapPassive $imap_passive (imap) Reuse an existing IMAP connection to check for new mail
ImapPeek $imap_peek (imap) Don't mark messages as read when fetching them from the server
ImapPipelineDepth $imap_pipeline_depth (imap) Number of IMAP commands that may be queued up
ImapPollTimeout $imap_poll_timeout (imap) Maximum time to wait for a server response
ImapQResync $imap_q_resync (imap) Enable the QRESYNC extension
ImapServernoise $imap_servernoise (imap) Display server warnings as error messages
ImapUser $imap_user (imap) Username for the IMAP server
ImplicitAutoview $implicit_autoview Display MIME attachments inline if a 'copiousoutput' mailcap entry exists
Include $include Include a copy of the email that's being replied to
IncludeOnlyfirst $include_onlyfirst Only include the first attachment when replying
IndentString $indent_string String used to indent 'reply' text
IndexFormat $index_format printf-like format string for the index menu (emails)
Inews $inews (nntp) External command to post news articles
Ispell $ispell External command to perform spell-checking
KeepFlagged $keep_flagged Don't move flagged messages from Spoolfile to Mbox
MailcapPath $mailcap_path Colon-separated list of mailcap files
MailcapSanitize $mailcap_sanitize Restrict the possible characters in mailcap expandos
MailCheck $mail_check Number of seconds before NeoMutt checks for new mail
MailCheckRecent $mail_check_recent Notify the user about new mail since the last time the mailbox was opened
MailCheckStatsInterval $mail_check_stats_interval How often to check for new mail
MailCheckStats $mail_check_stats Periodically check for new mail
MaildirCheckCur $maildir_check_cur Check both 'new' and 'cur' directories for new mail
MaildirHeaderCacheVerify $maildir_header_cache_verify (hcache) Check for maildir changes when opening mailbox
MaildirTrash $maildir_trash Use the maildir 'trashed' flag, rather than deleting
Markers $markers Display a '+' at the beginning of wrapped lines in the pager
MarkMacroPrefix $mark_macro_prefix Prefix for macros using '<mark-message>'
MarkOld $mark_old Mark new emails as old when leaving the mailbox
Mask $mask Only display files/dirs matching this regex in the browser
Mbox $mbox Folder that receives read emails (see Move)
MboxType $mbox_type Default type for creating new mailboxes
MenuContext $menu_context Number of lines of overlap when changing pages in the index
MenuMoveOff $menu_move_off Allow the last menu item to move off the bottom of the screen
MenuScroll $menu_scroll Scroll the menu/index by one line, rather than a page
MessageCacheClean $message_cache_clean (imap/pop) Clean out obsolete entries from the message cache
MessageCachedir $message_cachedir (imap/pop) Directory for the message cache
MessageFormat $message_format printf-like format string for listing attached messages
MetaKey $meta_key Interpret 'ALT-x' as 'ESC-x'
Metoo $metoo Remove the user's address from the list of recipients
MhPurge $mh_purge Really delete files in MH mailboxes
MhSeqFlagged $mh_seq_flagged MH sequence for flagged message
MhSeqReplied $mh_seq_replied MH sequence to tag replied messages
MhSeqUnseen $mh_seq_unseen MH sequence for unseen messages
MimeForwardDecode $mime_forward_decode Decode the forwarded message before attaching it
MimeForward $mime_forward Forward a message as a 'message/RFC822' MIME part
MimeForwardRest $mime_forward_rest Forward all attachments, even if they can't be decoded
MimeSubject $mime_subject (nntp) Encode the article subject in base64
MimeTypeQueryCommand $mime_type_query_command External command to determine the MIME type of an attachment
MimeTypeQueryFirst $mime_type_query_first Run the MimeTypeQueryCommand before the mime.types lookup
MixEntryFormat $mix_entry_format (mixmaster) printf-like format string for the mixmaster chain
Mixmaster $mixmaster (mixmaster) External command to route a mixmaster message
Move $move Move emails from Spoolfile to Mbox when read
NarrowTree $narrow_tree Draw a narrower thread tree in the index
NetInc $net_inc (socket) Update the progress bar after this many KB sent/received (0 to disable)
NewMailCommand $new_mail_command External command to run when new mail arrives
NewsCacheDir $news_cache_dir (nntp) Directory for cached news articles
NewsgroupsCharset $newsgroups_charset (nntp) Character set of newsgroups' descriptions
Newsrc $newsrc (nntp) File containing list of subscribed newsgroups
NewsServer $news_server (nntp) Url of the news server
NmDbLimit $nm_db_limit (notmuch) Default limit for Notmuch queries
NmDefaultUri $nm_default_uri (notmuch) Path to the Notmuch database
NmExcludeTags $nm_exclude_tags (notmuch) Exclude messages with these tags
NmFlaggedTag $nm_flagged_tag (notmuch) Tag to use for flagged messages
NmOpenTimeout $nm_open_timeout (notmuch) Database timeout
NmQueryType $nm_query_type (notmuch) Default query type: 'threads' or 'messages'
NmQueryWindowCurrentPosition $nm_query_window_current_position (notmuch) Position of current search window
NmQueryWindowCurrentSearch $nm_query_window_current_search (notmuch) Current search parameters
NmQueryWindowDuration $nm_query_window_duration (notmuch) Time duration of the current search window
NmQueryWindowTimebase $nm_query_window_timebase (notmuch) Units for the time duration
NmRecord $nm_record (notmuch) If the 'record' mailbox (sent mail) should be indexed
NmRecordTags $nm_record_tags (notmuch) Tags to apply to the 'record' mailbox (sent mail)
NmRepliedTag $nm_replied_tag (notmuch) Tag to use for replied messages
NmUnreadTag $nm_unread_tag (notmuch) Tag to use for unread messages
NntpAuthenticators $nntp_authenticators (nntp) Allowed authentication methods
NntpContext $nntp_context (nntp) Maximum number of articles to list (0 for all articles)
NntpListgroup $nntp_listgroup (nntp) Check all articles when opening a newsgroup
NntpLoadDescription $nntp_load_description (nntp) Load descriptions for newsgroups when adding to the list
NntpPass $nntp_pass (nntp) Password for the news server
NntpPoll $nntp_poll (nntp) Interval between checks for new posts
NntpUser $nntp_user (nntp) Username for the news server
PagerContext $pager_context Number of lines of overlap when changing pages in the pager
PagerFormat $pager_format printf-like format string for the pager's status bar
PagerIndexLines $pager_index_lines Number of index lines to display above the pager
Pager $pager External command for viewing messages, or 'builtin' to use NeoMutt's
PagerStop $pager_stop Don't automatically open the next message when at the end of a message
PgpAutoDecode $pgp_auto_decode Automatically decrypt PGP messages
PgpAutoinline $pgp_autoinline Use old-style inline PGP messages (not recommended)
PgpCheckExit $pgp_check_exit Check the exit code of PGP subprocess
PgpCheckGpgDecryptStatusFd $pgp_check_gpg_decrypt_status_fd File descriptor used for status info
PgpClearsignCommand $pgp_clearsign_command (pgp) External command to inline-sign a messsage
PgpDecodeCommand $pgp_decode_command (pgp) External command to decode a PGP attachment
PgpDecryptCommand $pgp_decrypt_command (pgp) External command to decrypt a PGP message
PgpDecryptionOkay $pgp_decryption_okay Text indicating a successful decryption
PgpDefaultKey $pgp_default_key Default key to use for PGP operations
PgpEncryptOnlyCommand $pgp_encrypt_only_command (pgp) External command to encrypt, but not sign a message
PgpEncryptSignCommand $pgp_encrypt_sign_command (pgp) External command to encrypt and sign a message
PgpEntryFormat $pgp_entry_format printf-like format string for the PGP key selection menu
PgpExportCommand $pgp_export_command (pgp) External command to export a public key from the user's keyring
PgpGetkeysCommand $pgp_getkeys_command (pgp) External command to download a key for an email address
PgpGoodSign $pgp_good_sign Text indicating a good signature
PgpIgnoreSubkeys $pgp_ignore_subkeys Only use the principal PGP key
PgpImportCommand $pgp_import_command (pgp) External command to import a key into the user's keyring
PgpListPubringCommand $pgp_list_pubring_command (pgp) External command to list the public keys in a user's keyring
PgpListSecringCommand $pgp_list_secring_command (pgp) External command to list the private keys in a user's keyring
PgpLongIds $pgp_long_ids Display long PGP key IDs to the user
PgpMimeAuto $pgp_mime_auto Prompt the user to use MIME if inline PGP fails
PgpReplyinline $pgp_replyinline Reply using old-style inline PGP messages (not recommended)
PgpRetainableSigs $pgp_retainable_sigs Create nested multipart/signed or encrypted messages
PgpSelfEncrypt $pgp_self_encrypt Encrypted messages will also be encrypted to PgpDefaultKey too
PgpShowUnusable $pgp_show_unusable Show non-usable keys in the key selection
PgpSignAs $pgp_sign_as Use this alternative key for signing messages
PgpSignCommand $pgp_sign_command (pgp) External command to create a detached PGP signature
PgpSortKeys $pgp_sort_keys Sort order for PGP keys
PgpStrictEnc $pgp_strict_enc Encode PGP signed messages with quoted-printable (don't unset)
PgpTimeout $pgp_timeout Time in seconds to cache a passphrase
PgpUseGpgAgent $pgp_use_gpg_agent Use a PGP agent for caching passwords
PgpVerifyCommand $pgp_verify_command (pgp) External command to verify PGP signatures
PgpVerifyKeyCommand $pgp_verify_key_command (pgp) External command to verify key information
PipeDecode $pipe_decode Decode the message when piping it
PipeSep $pipe_sep Separator to add between multiple piped messages
PipeSplit $pipe_split Run the pipe command on each message separately
PopAuthenticators $pop_authenticators (pop) List of allowed authentication methods
PopAuthTryAll $pop_auth_try_all (pop) Try all available authentication methods
PopCheckinterval $pop_checkinterval (pop) Interval between checks for new mail
PopDelete $pop_delete (pop) After downloading POP messages, delete them on the server
PopHost $pop_host (pop) Url of the POP server
PopLast $pop_last (pop) Use the 'LAST' command to fetch new mail
PopOauthRefreshCmd $pop_oauth_refresh_cmd (pop) External command to generate OAUTH refresh token
PopPass $pop_pass (pop) Password of the POP server
PopReconnect $pop_reconnect (pop) Reconnect to the server is the connection is lost
PopUser $pop_user (pop) Username of the POP server
PostIndentString $post_indent_string Suffix message to add after reply text
PostModerated $post_moderated (nntp) Allow posting to moderated newsgroups
Postponed $postponed Folder to store postponed messages
PostponeEncryptAs $postpone_encrypt_as Fallback encryption key for postponed messages
PostponeEncrypt $postpone_encrypt Self-encrypt postponed messages
Postpone $postpone Save messages to the Postponed folder
Preconnect $preconnect (socket) External command to run prior to opening a socket
PreferredLanguages $preferred_languages Preferred languages for multilingual MIME
PrintCommand $print_command External command to print a message
PrintDecode $print_decode Decode message before printing it
Print $print Confirm before printing a message
PrintSplit $print_split Print multiple messages separately
PromptAfter $prompt_after Pause after running an external pager
QueryCommand $query_command External command to query and external address book
QueryFormat $query_format printf-like format string for the query menu (address book)
Quit $quit Prompt before exiting NeoMutt
QuoteRegex $quote_regex Regex to match quoted text in a reply
ReadInc $read_inc Update the progress bar after this many records read (0 to disable)
ReadOnly $read_only Open folders in read-only mode
Realname $realname Real name of the user
Recall $recall Recall postponed mesaages when asked to compose a message
Record $record Folder to save 'sent' messages
ReflowSpaceQuotes $reflow_space_quotes Insert spaces into reply quotes for 'format=flowed' messages
ReflowText $reflow_text Reformat paragraphs of 'format=flowed' text
ReflowWrap $reflow_wrap Maximum paragraph width for reformatting 'format=flowed' text
ReplyRegex $reply_regex Regex to match message reply subjects like "re: "
ReplySelf $reply_self Really reply to yourself, when replying to your own email
ReplyTo $reply_to Address to use as a 'Reply-To' header
ReplyWithXorig $reply_with_xorig Create 'From' header from 'X-Original-To' header
Resolve $resolve Move to the next email whenever a command modifies an email
ResumeDraftFiles $resume_draft_files Process draft files like postponed messages
ResumeEditedDraftFiles $resume_edited_draft_files Resume editing previously saved draft files
ReverseAlias $reverse_alias Display the alias in the index, rather than the message's sender
ReverseName $reverse_name Set the 'From' from the address the email was sent to
ReverseRealname $reverse_realname Set the 'From' from the full 'To' address the email was sent to
Rfc2047Parameters $rfc2047_parameters Decode RFC2047-encoded MIME parameters
SaveAddress $save_address Use sender's full address as a default save folder
SaveEmpty $save_empty (mbox,mmdf) Preserve empty mailboxes
SaveHistory $save_history Number of history entries to save per category
SaveName $save_name Save outgoing message to mailbox of recipient's name if it exists
SaveUnsubscribed $save_unsubscribed (nntp) Save a list of unsubscribed newsgroups to the 'newsrc'
Score $score Use message scoring
ScoreThresholdDelete $score_threshold_delete Messages with a lower score will be automatically deleted
ScoreThresholdFlag $score_threshold_flag Messages with a greater score will be automatically flagged
ScoreThresholdRead $score_threshold_read Messages with a lower score will be automatically marked read
SearchContext $search_context Context to display around search matches
SendCharset $send_charset Character sets for outgoing mail ///< Config: List of character sets for outgoing messages
Sendmail $sendmail External command to send email
SendmailWait $sendmail_wait Time to wait for sendmail to finish
Shell $shell External command to run subshells in
ShowMultipartAlternative $show_multipart_alternative How to display 'multipart/alternative' MIME parts
ShowNewNews $show_new_news (nntp) Check for new newsgroups when entering the browser
ShowOnlyUnread $show_only_unread (nntp) Only show subscribed newsgroups with unread articles
SidebarComponentDepth $sidebar_component_depth (sidebar) Strip leading path components from sidebar folders
SidebarDelimChars $sidebar_delim_chars (sidebar) Characters that separate nested folders
SidebarDividerChar $sidebar_divider_char (sidebar) Character to draw between the sidebar and index
SidebarFolderIndent $sidebar_folder_indent (sidebar) Indent nested folders
SidebarFormat $sidebar_format (sidebar) printf-like format string for the sidebar panel
SidebarIndentString $sidebar_indent_string (sidebar) Indent nested folders using this string
SidebarNewMailOnly $sidebar_new_mail_only (sidebar) Only show folders with new/flagged mail
SidebarNextNewWrap $sidebar_next_new_wrap (sidebar) Wrap around when searching for the next mailbox with new mail
SidebarOnRight $sidebar_on_right (sidebar) Display the sidebar on the right
SidebarShortPath $sidebar_short_path (sidebar) Abbreviate the paths using the Folder variable
SidebarSortMethod $sidebar_sort_method (sidebar) Method to sort the sidebar
SidebarVisible $sidebar_visible (sidebar) Show the sidebar
SidebarWidth $sidebar_width (sidebar) Width of the sidebar
SigDashes $sig_dashes Insert '– ' before the signature
Signature $signature File containing a signature to append to all mail
SigOnTop $sig_on_top Insert the signature before the quoted text
SimpleSearch $simple_search Pattern to search for when search doesn't contain ~'s
SkipQuotedOffset $skip_quoted_offset Lines of context to show when skipping quoted text
SleepTime $sleep_time Time to pause after certain info messages
SmartWrap $smart_wrap Wrap text at word boundaries
Smileys $smileys Regex to match smileys to prevent mistakes when quoting text
SmimeAskCertLabel $smime_ask_cert_label Prompt the user for a label for SMIME certificates
SmimeCaLocation $smime_ca_location File containing trusted certificates
SmimeCertificates $smime_certificates File containing user's public certificates
SmimeDecryptCommand $smime_decrypt_command (smime) External command to decrypt an SMIME message
SmimeDecryptUseDefaultKey $smime_decrypt_use_default_key Use the default key for decryption
SmimeDefaultKey $smime_default_key Default key for SMIME operations
SmimeEncryptCommand $smime_encrypt_command (smime) External command to encrypt a message
SmimeEncryptWith $smime_encrypt_with Algorithm for encryption
SmimeGetCertCommand $smime_get_cert_command (smime) External command to extract a certificate from a message
SmimeGetCertEmailCommand $smime_get_cert_email_command (smime) External command to get a certificate for an email
SmimeGetSignerCertCommand $smime_get_signer_cert_command (smime) External command to extract a certificate from an email
SmimeImportCertCommand $smime_import_cert_command (smime) External command to import a certificate
SmimeIsDefault $smime_is_default Use SMIME rather than PGP by default
SmimeKeys $smime_keys File containing user's private certificates
SmimePk7outCommand $smime_pk7out_command (smime) External command to extract a public certificate
SmimeSelfEncrypt $smime_self_encrypt Encrypted messages will also be encrypt to SmimeDefaultKey too
SmimeSignAs $smime_sign_as Use this alternative key for signing messages
SmimeSignCommand $smime_sign_command (smime) External command to sign a message
SmimeSignDigestAlg $smime_sign_digest_alg Digest algorithm
SmimeTimeout $smime_timeout Time in seconds to cache a passphrase
SmimeVerifyCommand $smime_verify_command (smime) External command to verify a signed message
SmimeVerifyOpaqueCommand $smime_verify_opaque_command (smime) External command to verify a signature
SmtpAuthenticators $smtp_authenticators (smtp) List of allowed authentication methods
SmtpOauthRefreshCmd $smtp_oauth_refresh_cmd (smtp) External command to generate OAUTH refresh token
SmtpPass $smtp_pass (smtp) Password for the SMTP server
SmtpUrl $smtp_url (smtp) Url of the SMTP server
SortAlias $sort_alias Sort method for the alias menu
SortAux $sort_aux Secondary sort method for the index
SortBrowser $sort_browser Sort method for the browser
SortRe $sort_re Sort method for the sidebar
Sort $sort Sort method for the index
SpamSeparator $spam_separator Separator for multiple spam headers ///< Config: Separator for spam headers
Spoolfile $spoolfile Inbox
SslCaCertificatesFile $ssl_ca_certificates_file File containing trusted CA certificates
SslCiphers $ssl_ciphers Ciphers to use when using SSL
SslClientCert $ssl_client_cert File containing client certificates
SslForceTls $ssl_force_tls (ssl) Require TLS encryption for all connections
SslMinDhPrimeBits $ssl_min_dh_prime_bits Minimum keysize for Diffie-Hellman key exchange
SslStarttls $ssl_starttls (ssl) Use STARTTLS on servers advertising the capability
SslUseSslv3 $ssl_use_sslv3 (ssl) INSECURE: Use SSLv3 for authentication
SslUseTlsv11 $ssl_use_tlsv11 (ssl) Use TLSv1.1 for authentication
SslUseTlsv12 $ssl_use_tlsv12 (ssl) Use TLSv1.2 for authentication
SslUseTlsv1 $ssl_use_tlsv1 (ssl) Use TLSv1 for authentication
SslVerifyDates $ssl_verify_dates (ssl) Verify the dates on the server certificate
SslVerifyHost $ssl_verify_host (ssl) Verify the server's hostname against the certificate
SslVerifyPartialChains $ssl_verify_partial_chains (ssl) Allow verification using partial certificate chains
StatusChars $status_chars Indicator characters for the status bar
StatusFormat $status_format printf-like format string for the index's status line
StatusOnTop $status_on_top Display the status bar at the top
StrictThreads $strict_threads Thread messages using 'In-Reply-To' and 'References' headers
Suspend $suspend Allow the user to suspend NeoMutt using '^Z'
TextFlowed $text_flowed Generate 'format=flowed' messages
ThoroughSearch $thorough_search Decode headers and messages before searching them
ThreadReceived $thread_received Sort threaded messages by their received date
Tilde $tilde Character to pad blank lines in the pager
TimeInc $time_inc Frequency of progress bar updates (milliseconds)
Timeout $timeout Time to wait for user input in menus
Tmpdir $tmpdir Directory for temporary files
ToChars $to_chars Indicator characters for the 'To' field in the index
Trash $trash Folder to put deleted emails
TsEnabled $ts_enabled Allow NeoMutt to set the terminal status line and icon
TsIconFormat $ts_icon_format printf-like format string for the terminal's icon title
TsStatusFormat $ts_status_format printf-like format string for the terminal's status (window title)
Tunnel $tunnel Shell command to establish a tunnel
UncollapseJump $uncollapse_jump When opening a thread, jump to the next unread message
UncollapseNew $uncollapse_new Open collapsed threads when new mail arrives
Use8bitmime $use8bitmime Use 8-bit messages and ESMTP to send messages
UseDomain $use_domain Qualify local addresses using this domain
UseEnvelopeFrom $use_envelope_from Set the envelope sender of the message
UseFrom $use_from Set the 'From' header for outgoing mail
UseIpv6 $use_ipv6 Lookup IPv6 addresses when making connections
UserAgent $user_agent Add a 'User-Agent' head to outgoing mail
VfolderFormat $vfolder_format (notmuch) printf-like format string for the browser's display of virtual folders
VirtualSpoolfile $virtual_spoolfile (notmuch) Use the first virtual mailbox as a spool file
Visual $visual Editor to use when '~v' is given in the built-in editor
WaitKey $wait_key Prompt to press a key after running external commands
Weed $weed Filter headers when displaying/forwarding/printing/replying
WrapHeaders $wrap_headers Width to wrap headers in outgoing messages
WrapSearch $wrap_search Wrap around when the search hits the end
Wrap $wrap Width to wrap text in the pager
WriteBcc $write_bcc Write out the 'Bcc' field when preparing to send a mail
WriteInc $write_inc Update the progress bar after this many records written (0 to disable)
XCommentTo $x_comment_to (nntp) Add 'X-Comment-To' header that contains article author