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GnuTLS encryption

Handling of GnuTLS encryption.


Function Description Links
add_cert() Look up certificate info and save it to a list
mutt_ssl_socket_setup() Set up SSL socket mulitplexor
mutt_ssl_starttls() Negotiate TLS over an already opened connection
tls_check_certificate() Check a connection's certificate
tls_check_one_certificate() Check a GnuTLS certificate
tls_check_preauth() Prepare a certificate for authentication
tls_check_stored_hostname() Does the hostname match a stored certificate?
tls_compare_certificates() Compare certificates against $certificate_file
tls_fingerprint() Create a fingerprint of a TLS Certificate
tls_get_client_cert() Get the client certificate for a TLS connection
tls_init() Set up Gnu TLS
tls_negotiate() Negotiate TLS connection
tls_set_priority() Set TLS algorithm priorities
tls_set_priority() Set the priority of various protocols
tls_socket_close() Close a TLS socket Connection::close(), connection_close
tls_socket_open() Open a TLS socket Connection::open(), connection_open
tls_socket_poll() Check whether a socket read would block Connection::poll(), connection_poll
tls_socket_read() Read data from a TLS socket Connection::read(), connection_read
tls_socket_write() Write data to a TLS socket Connection::write(), connection_write
tls_starttls_close() Close a TLS connection Connection::close(), connection_close
tls_verify_peers() gnutls_certificate_verify_peers()