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OpenSSL encryption

Handling of OpenSSL encryption.


Function Description Links
add_cert() Look up certificate info and save it to a list
add_entropy() Add a source of random numbers
asn1time_to_string() Convert a time to a string
check_certificate_by_digest() Validate a certificate by its digest
check_certificate_cache() Is the X509 Certificate in the cache?
check_certificate_expiration() Check if a certificate has expired
check_certificate_file() Read and check a certificate file
check_host() Check the host on the certificate
compare_certificates() Compare two X509 certificated
hostname_match() Does the hostname match the certificate
interactive_check_cert() Ask the user if a certificate is valid
mutt_ssl_socket_setup() Set up SSL socket mulitplexor
mutt_ssl_starttls() Negotiate TLS over an already opened connection
sockdata() Get a Connection's socket data
ssl_cache_trusted_cert() Cache a trusted certificate
ssl_dprint_err_stack() Dump the SSL error stack
ssl_err() Display an SSL error message
ssl_get_client_cert() Get the client certificate for an SSL connection
ssl_init() Initialise the SSL library
ssl_load_certificates() Load certificates and filter out the expired ones
ssl_negotiate() Attempt to negotiate SSL over the wire
ssl_passwd_cb() Callback to get a password
ssl_set_verify_partial() Allow verification using partial chains (with no root)
ssl_setup() Set up SSL on the Connection
ssl_socket_close() Close an SSL connection Connection::close(), connection_close
ssl_socket_close_and_restore() Close an SSL Connection and restore Connection callbacks Connection::close(), connection_close
ssl_socket_open() Open an SSL socket Connection::open(), connection_open
ssl_socket_open_err() Error callback for opening an SSL connection Connection::open(), connection_open
ssl_socket_poll() Check whether a socket read would block Connection::poll(), connection_poll
ssl_socket_read() Read data from an SSL socket Connection::read(), connection_read
ssl_socket_write() Write data to an SSL socket Connection::write(), connection_write
ssl_verify_callback() Certificate verification callback
x509_fingerprint() Generate a fingerprint for an X509 certificate
x509_get_part() Retrieve from X509 data