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Mailbox object

Representation of a Mailbox.


Function Description Links
mailbox_changed() Notify observers of a change to a Mailbox
mailbox_find() Find the mailbox with a given path
mailbox_find_name() Find the mailbox with a given name
mailbox_free() Free a Mailbox
mailbox_gc_add() Add an Email to the garbage-collection set
mailbox_gc_run() Run the garbage-collection
mailbox_gen() Get the next generation number
mailbox_get_type_name() Get the type of a Mailbox
mailbox_new() Create a new Mailbox
mailbox_set_subset() Set a Mailbox's Config Subset
mailbox_size_add() Add an email's size to the total size of a Mailbox
mailbox_size_sub() Subtract an email's size from the total size of a Mailbox
mailbox_update() Get the mailbox's current size