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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Signing/encryption multiplexor

Signing/encryption multiplexor.


Function Description Links
crypt_convert_to_7bit() Convert an email to 7bit encoding
crypt_current_time() Print the current time
crypt_extract_keys_from_messages() Extract keys from a message
crypt_fetch_signatures() Create an array of an emails parts
crypt_forget_passphrase() Forget a passphrase and display a message
crypt_get_fingerprint_or_id() Get the fingerprint or long key ID
crypt_get_keys() Check we have all the keys we need
crypt_is_numerical_keyid() Is this a numerical keyid
crypt_opportunistic_encrypt() Can all recipients be determined
crypt_query() Check out the type of encryption used
crypt_valid_passphrase() Check that we have a usable passphrase, ask if not
crypt_write_signed() Write the message body/part
disable_coredumps() Prevent coredumps if neomutt were to crash
mutt_is_application_pgp() Does the message use PGP?
mutt_is_application_smime() Does the message use S/MIME?
mutt_is_malformed_multipart_pgp_encrypted() Check for malformed layout
mutt_is_multipart_encrypted() Does the message have encrypted parts?
mutt_is_multipart_signed() Is a message signed?
mutt_is_valid_multipart_pgp_encrypted() Is this a valid multi-part encrypted message?
mutt_protect() Encrypt and/or sign a message
mutt_protected_headers_handler() Process a protected header handler_t, handler_api
mutt_should_hide_protected_subject() Should NeoMutt hide the protected subject?
mutt_signed_handler() Verify a "multipart/signed" body handler_t, handler_api