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Gpgme functions

Gpgme functions.


Data Description Links
GpgmeFunctions All the NeoMutt functions that the Gpgme supports


Function Description Links
crypt_key_is_valid() Is the key valid
gpgme_function_dispatcher() Perform a Gpgme function function_dispatcher_t, dispatcher_api
op_exit() Exit this menu gpgme_function_t, gpgme_function_api
op_generic_select_entry() Select the current entry gpgme_function_t, gpgme_function_api
op_verify_key() Verify a PGP public key gpgme_function_t, gpgme_function_api
op_view_id() View the key's user id gpgme_function_t, gpgme_function_api
parse_and_print_user_id() Print a nice representation of the userid
parse_dn() Parse a DN and return an array-ized one
parse_dn_part() Parse an RDN
print_dn_part() Print the X.500 Distinguished Name
print_dn_parts() Print all parts of a DN in a standard sequence
print_key_info() Verbose information about a key or certificate to a file
print_utf8() Write a UTF-8 string to a file
verify_key() Show detailed information about the selected key