NeoMutt  2020-08-07-1-gab41a1
Teaching an old dog new tricks
PGP sign, encrypt, check routines

This file contains all of the PGP routines necessary to sign, encrypt, verify and decrypt PGP messages in either the new PGP/MIME format, or in the older Application/Pgp format.

It also contains some code to cache the user's passphrase for repeat use when decrypting or signing a message.

Function Description
pgp_check_decryption_okay() Check GPG output for status codes
pgp_check_pgp_decryption_okay_regex() Check PGP output to look for successful outcome
pgp_check_traditional_one_body() Check the body of an inline PGP message
pgp_class_application_handler() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::application_handler()
pgp_class_check_traditional() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_check_traditional()
pgp_class_decrypt_mime() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::decrypt_mime()
pgp_class_encrypted_handler() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::encrypted_handler()
pgp_class_encrypt_message() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_encrypt_message()
pgp_class_extract_key_from_attachment() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_extract_key_from_attachment()
pgp_class_find_keys() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::find_keys()
pgp_class_send_menu() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::send_menu()
pgp_class_sign_message() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::sign_message()
pgp_class_traditional_encryptsign() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_traditional_encryptsign()
pgp_class_valid_passphrase() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::valid_passphrase()
pgp_class_verify_one() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::verify_one()
pgp_class_void_passphrase() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::void_passphrase()
pgp_copy_checksig() Copy PGP output and look for signs of a good signature
pgp_copy_clearsigned() Copy a clearsigned message, stripping the signature
pgp_decrypt_part() Decrypt part of a PGP message
pgp_extract_keys_from_attachment() Extract pgp keys from messages/attachments
pgp_fingerprint() Get the key's fingerprint
pgp_fpr_or_lkeyid() Get the fingerprint or long keyid
pgp_keyid() Get the ID of the main (parent) key
pgp_long_keyid() Get a key's long id
pgp_short_keyid() Get a key's short id
pgp_this_keyid() Get the ID of this key
pgp_use_gpg_agent() Does the user want to use the gpg agent?