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PGP key management routines

PGP key management routines

Function Description
pgp_add_string_to_hints() Split a string and add the parts to a List
pgp_ask_for_key() Ask the user for a PGP key
pgp_class_make_key_attachment() Implements CryptModuleSpecs::pgp_make_key_attachment()
pgp_getkeybyaddr() Find a PGP key by address
pgp_getkeybystr() Find a PGP key by string
pgp_get_lastp() Get the last PGP key in a list
pgp_id_is_strong() Is a PGP key strong?
pgp_id_is_valid() Is a PGP key valid
pgp_id_matches_addr() Does the key ID match the address
pgp_key_is_valid() Is a PGP key valid?
pgp_principal_key() Get the main (parent) PGP key