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Miscellaneous email parsing routines

Miscellaneous email parsing routines

Function Description
mutt_auto_subscribe() Check if user is subscribed to mailing list
mutt_check_encoding() Check the encoding type
mutt_check_mime_type() Check a MIME type string
mutt_extract_message_id() Find a message-id
mutt_is_message_type() Determine if a mime type matches a message or not
mutt_matches_ignore() Does the string match the ignore list
mutt_parse_content_type() Parse a content type
mutt_parse_mailto() Parse a mailto:// url
mutt_parse_multipart() Parse a multipart structure
mutt_parse_part() Parse a MIME part
mutt_read_mime_header() Parse a MIME header
mutt_rfc822_parse_line() Parse an email header
mutt_rfc822_parse_message() parse a Message/RFC822 body
mutt_rfc822_read_header() parses an RFC822 header
mutt_rfc822_read_line() Read a header line from a file