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RFC2047 encoding / decoding

RFC2047 MIME extensions encoding / decoding routines.


Function Description Links
b_encoder() Base64 Encode a string encoder_t, encoder_api
choose_block() Calculate how much data can be converted
decode_word() Decode an RFC2047-encoded string
encode() RFC2047-encode a string
encode_block() Encode a block of text using an encoder
finalize_chunk() Perform charset conversion and filtering
parse_encoded_word() Parse a string and report RFC2047 elements
q_encoder() Quoted-printable Encode a string encoder_t, encoder_api
rfc2047_decode() Decode any RFC2047-encoded header fields
rfc2047_decode_addrlist() Decode any RFC2047 headers in an Address list
rfc2047_decode_envelope() Decode the fields of an Envelope
rfc2047_encode() RFC-2047-encode a string
rfc2047_encode_addrlist() Encode any RFC2047 headers, where required, in an Address list
rfc2047_encode_envelope() Encode the fields of an Envelope
try_block() Attempt to convert a block of text