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Teaching an old dog new tricks
RFC2231 MIME Charset functions

RFC2231 MIME Charset routines.

Yet another MIME encoding for header data. This time, it's parameters, specified in RFC2231, and modelled after the encoding used in URLs.

Additionally, continuations and encoding are mixed in an, errrm, interesting manner.


Function Description Links
decode_one() Decode one percent-encoded character
get_charset() Get the charset from an RFC2231 header
join_continuations() Process continuation parameters
list_insert() Insert parameter into an ordered list
parameter_free() Free an Rfc2231Parameter
parameter_new() Create a new Rfc2231Parameter
purge_empty_parameters() Remove any ill-formed Parameters from a list
rfc2231_decode_parameters() Decode a Parameter list
rfc2231_encode_string() Encode a string to be suitable for an RFC2231 header