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Email tags

Driver based email tags.


Data Description Links
TagFormats Hash Table of tag-formats (tag -> format string)
TagTransforms Lookup table of alternative tag names


Function Description Links
driver_tags_add() Add a tag to header
driver_tags_cleanup() Deinitialize structures used for tags
driver_tags_free() Free tags from a header
driver_tags_get() Get tags
driver_tags_get_transformed() Get transformed tags
driver_tags_get_transformed_for() Get transformed tag for a tag name from a header
driver_tags_get_with_hidden() Get tags with hiddens
driver_tags_getter() Get transformed tags
driver_tags_init() Initialize structures used for tags
driver_tags_replace() Replace all tags
tags_deleter() Delete a tag hash_hdata_free_t, hash_hdata_free_api