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26 #include "config.h"
27 #include "keymap.h"
29 extern struct Binding OpAlias[];
30 extern struct Binding OpAttach[];
32 extern struct Binding OpAutocryptAcct[];
33 #endif
34 extern struct Binding OpBrowser[];
35 extern struct Binding OpCompose[];
36 extern struct Binding OpEditor[];
37 extern struct Binding OpGeneric[];
38 extern struct Binding OpMain[];
39 #ifdef MIXMASTER
40 extern struct Binding OpMix[];
41 #endif
42 extern struct Binding OpPager[];
43 extern struct Binding OpPgp[];
44 extern struct Binding OpPost[];
45 extern struct Binding OpQuery[];
46 extern struct Binding OpSmime[];
48 #endif /* MUTT_FUNCTIONS_H */
struct Binding OpAttach[]
Key bindings for the attachment menu.
Definition: functions.c:420
Manage keymappings.
struct Binding OpPost[]
Key bindings for the postpone menu.
Definition: functions.c:527
struct Binding OpEditor[]
Key bindings for the editor menu.
Definition: functions.c:615
struct Binding OpMix[]
Key bindings for the mixmaster menu.
Definition: functions.c:668
struct Binding OpSmime[]
Key bindings for the smime menu.
Definition: functions.c:656
struct Binding OpAlias[]
Key bindings for the alias menu.
Definition: functions.c:536
struct Binding OpMain[]
Key bindings for the index menu.
Definition: functions.c:102
struct Binding OpAutocryptAcct[]
Key bindings for the autocrypt account.
Definition: functions.c:684
struct Binding OpGeneric[]
Key bindings for the generic menu.
Definition: functions.c:53
struct Binding OpCompose[]
Key bindings for the compose menu.
Definition: functions.c:457
struct Binding OpPgp[]
Key bindings for the pgp menu.
Definition: functions.c:647
struct Binding OpQuery[]
Key bindings for the external query menu.
Definition: functions.c:601
struct Binding OpPager[]
Key bindings for the pager menu.
Definition: functions.c:263
struct Binding OpBrowser[]
Key bindings for the file browser menu.
Definition: functions.c:548
Mapping between a user key and a function.
Definition: keymap.h:91