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Teaching an old dog new tricks
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26#include <stdbool.h>
27#include "mutt/lib.h"
29/* Global variables */
30extern struct ListHead Ignore;
31extern struct RegexList NoSpamList;
32extern struct ReplaceList SpamList;
33extern struct ListHead UnIgnore;
34extern struct ListHead MailToAllow;
35extern struct HashTable *AutoSubscribeCache;
36extern struct RegexList UnSubscribedLists;
37extern struct RegexList MailLists;
38extern struct RegexList UnMailLists;
39extern struct RegexList SubscribedLists;
41#endif /* MUTT_EMAIL_GLOBALS_H */
struct ReplaceList SpamList
List of regexes and patterns to match spam emails.
Definition: globals.c:34
struct RegexList SubscribedLists
List of regexes to match subscribed mailing lists.
Definition: globals.c:43
struct HashTable * AutoSubscribeCache
Hash Table of auto-subscribed mailing lists.
Definition: globals.c:38
struct RegexList UnSubscribedLists
List of regexes to blacklist false matches in SubscribedLists.
Definition: globals.c:40
struct RegexList UnMailLists
List of regexes to blacklist false matches in MailLists.
Definition: globals.c:42
struct RegexList MailLists
List of regexes to match mailing lists.
Definition: globals.c:41
struct ListHead MailToAllow
List of permitted fields in a mailto: url.
Definition: globals.c:37
struct ListHead Ignore
List of header patterns to ignore.
Definition: globals.c:35
struct RegexList NoSpamList
List of regexes to whitelist non-spam emails.
Definition: globals.c:33
struct ListHead UnIgnore
List of header patterns to unignore (see)
Definition: globals.c:36
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
A Hash Table.
Definition: hash.h:97