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23#ifndef MUTT_GLOBALS_H
24#define MUTT_GLOBALS_H
26#include "config.h"
27#include <stdbool.h>
28#include "mutt/lib.h"
29#include "menu/lib.h"
31extern bool ErrorBufMessage;
32extern char ErrorBuf[1024];
34extern char *HomeDir;
35extern char *ShortHostname;
37extern char *Username;
39extern char *CurrentFolder;
40extern char *LastFolder;
42extern const char *GitVer;
44/* Lists of strings */
45extern struct ListHead AlternativeOrderList;
46extern struct ListHead AutoViewList;
47extern struct ListHead HeaderOrderList;
48extern struct ListHead MimeLookupList;
49extern struct ListHead Muttrc;
50extern struct ListHead TempAttachmentsList;
51extern struct ListHead UserHeader;
53extern enum MenuType CurrentMenu;
55/* pseudo options */
57extern bool OptAutocryptGpgme;
59extern bool OptDontHandlePgpKeys;
60extern bool OptForceRefresh;
61extern bool OptKeepQuiet;
62extern bool OptMsgErr;
63extern bool OptNeedRescore;
64extern bool OptNeedResort;
65extern bool OptNews;
66extern bool OptNewsSend;
67extern bool OptNoCurses;
68extern bool OptPgpCheckTrust;
69extern bool OptResortInit;
70extern bool OptSortSubthreads;
72extern char **EnvList;
74#endif /* MUTT_GLOBALS_H */
bool OptDontHandlePgpKeys
(pseudo) used to extract PGP keys
Definition: globals.c:64
bool OptNews
(pseudo) used to change reader mode
Definition: globals.c:70
char * LastFolder
Previously selected mailbox.
Definition: globals.c:44
bool OptAutocryptGpgme
(pseudo) use Autocrypt context inside ncrypt/crypt_gpgme.c
Definition: globals.c:62
char * ShortHostname
Short version of the hostname.
Definition: globals.c:39
bool OptKeepQuiet
(pseudo) shut up the message and refresh functions while we are executing an external program
Definition: globals.c:66
struct ListHead TempAttachmentsList
List of temporary files for displaying attachments.
Definition: globals.c:53
bool OptNoCurses
(pseudo) when sending in batch mode
Definition: globals.c:72
bool OptNeedRescore
(pseudo) set when the 'score' command is used
Definition: globals.c:68
bool OptPgpCheckTrust
(pseudo) used by dlg_pgp()
Definition: globals.c:73
bool OptResortInit
(pseudo) used to force the next resort to be from scratch
Definition: globals.c:74
struct ListHead MimeLookupList
List of mime types that that shouldn't use the mailcap entry.
Definition: globals.c:51
struct ListHead AlternativeOrderList
List of preferred mime types to display.
Definition: globals.c:48
struct ListHead AutoViewList
List of mime types to auto view.
Definition: globals.c:49
char ErrorBuf[1024]
Copy of the last error message.
Definition: globals.c:36
char * HomeDir
User's home directory.
Definition: globals.c:38
bool OptMsgErr
(pseudo) used by mutt_error/mutt_message
Definition: globals.c:67
bool OptForceRefresh
(pseudo) refresh even during macros
Definition: globals.c:65
bool ErrorBufMessage
true if the last message was an error
Definition: globals.c:35
char * CurrentFolder
Currently selected mailbox.
Definition: globals.c:43
struct ListHead UserHeader
List of custom headers to add to outgoing emails.
Definition: globals.c:54
enum MenuType CurrentMenu
Current Menu, e.g. MENU_PAGER.
Definition: globals.c:57
struct ListHead Muttrc
List of config files to read.
Definition: globals.c:52
char * Username
User's login name.
Definition: globals.c:41
bool OptSortSubthreads
(pseudo) used when $sort_aux changes
Definition: globals.c:75
struct ListHead HeaderOrderList
List of header fields in the order they should be displayed.
Definition: globals.c:50
bool OptNeedResort
(pseudo) used to force a re-sort
Definition: globals.c:69
const char * GitVer
bool OptNewsSend
(pseudo) used to change behavior when posting
Definition: globals.c:71
char ** EnvList
Private copy of the environment variables.
Definition: globals.c:78
GUI present the user with a selectable list.
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
Types of GUI selections.
Definition: type.h:36