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Teaching an old dog new tricks
GUI miscellaneous curses (window drawing) routines

GUI miscellaneous curses (window drawing) routines

Function Description
mutt_addwch() addwch would be provided by an up-to-date curses library
mutt_any_key_to_continue() Prompt the user to 'press any key' and wait
mutt_beep() Irritate the user
mutt_buffer_enter_fname() Ask the user to select a file
mutt_buffer_get_field() Ask the user for a string
mutt_edit_file() Let the user edit a file
mutt_endwin() Shutdown curses/slang
mutt_flushinp() Empty all the keyboard buffers
mutt_flush_macro_to_endcond() Drop a macro from the input buffer
mutt_flush_unget_to_endcond() Clear entries from UngetKeyEvents
mutt_format_s() Format a simple string
mutt_format_s_tree() Format a simple string with tree characters
mutt_format_s_x() Format a string like snprintf()
mutt_getch() Read a character from the input buffer
mutt_getch_timeout() Set the getch() timeout
mutt_get_field() Ask the user for a string
mutt_get_field_unbuffered() Ask the user for a string (ignoring macro buffer)
mutt_monitor_getch() Get a character and poll the filesystem monitor
mutt_need_hard_redraw() Force a hard refresh
mutt_paddstr() Display a string on screen, padded if necessary
mutt_perror_debug() Show the user an 'errno' message
mutt_push_macro_event() Add the character/operation to the macro buffer
mutt_query_exit() Ask the user if they want to leave NeoMutt
mutt_refresh() Force a refresh of the screen
mutt_simple_format() Format a string, like snprintf()
mutt_strnwidth() Measure a string's width in screen cells
mutt_strwidth() Measure a string's width in screen cells
mutt_unget_event() Return a keystroke to the input buffer
mutt_unget_string() Return a string to the input buffer
mutt_wstr_trunc() Work out how to truncate a widechar string