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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Dialog Windows

A Dialog is an interactive set of windows allowing the user to perform some task, e.g.

Address Book Dialog

The All Dialogs window is a container window and not visible. All active dialogs will be children of this window, though only one will be active at a time.


Name Type Constructor
All Dialogs WT_ALL_DIALOGS alldialogs_new()



The All Dialogs window has many possible children, e.g.


The All Dialogs window has no data.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_WINDOW alldialogs_window_observer()

The All Dialogs window does not implement MuttWindow::recalc() or MuttWindow::repaint().


Data Description Links
AllDialogsWindow Parent of all Dialogs


Function Description Links
alldialogs_get_current() Get the currently active Dialog
alldialogs_new() Create the AllDialogs Window
alldialogs_window_observer() Notification that a Window has changed observer_t, observer_api
dialog_find() Find the parent Dialog of a Window
dialog_pop() Hide a Window from the user
dialog_push() Display a Window to the user