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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Simple Bar (status)

The Simple Bar is a simple non-interactive window to display a message or trivial status information.


Name Type Constructor
Simple Bar WT_STATUS_BAR sbar_new()


The Simple Bar has many possible parents, e.g.


  • None


The Simple Bar caches the formatted display string.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_COLOR sbar_color_observer()
NT_WINDOW sbar_window_observer()
MuttWindow::recalc() sbar_recalc()
MuttWindow::repaint() sbar_repaint()


Function Description Links
sbar_color_observer() Notification that a Color has changed observer_t, observer_api
sbar_data_new() Free the private data attached to the MuttWindow
sbar_new() Add the Simple Bar (status)
sbar_recalc() Recalculate the Window data MuttWindow::recalc(), window_recalc
sbar_repaint() Repaint the Window MuttWindow::repaint(), window_repaint
sbar_set_title() Set the title for the Simple Bar
sbar_wdata_free() Free the private data attached to the MuttWindow MuttWindow::wdata_free(), window_wdata_free
sbar_window_observer() Notification that a Window has changed observer_t, observer_api