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23 #ifndef MUTT_HANDLER_H
24 #define MUTT_HANDLER_H
26 #include <stddef.h>
27 #include <iconv.h>
28 #include <stdbool.h>
30 struct Body;
31 struct State;
33 /* These Config Variables are only used in handler.c */
34 extern bool C_HonorDisposition;
35 extern bool C_ImplicitAutoview;
36 extern bool C_IncludeEncrypted;
37 extern bool C_IncludeOnlyfirst;
38 extern struct Slist *C_PreferredLanguages;
39 extern bool C_ReflowText;
40 extern char *C_ShowMultipartAlternative;
42 int mutt_body_handler(struct Body *b, struct State *s);
43 bool mutt_can_decode(struct Body *a);
44 void mutt_decode_attachment(struct Body *b, struct State *s);
45 void mutt_decode_base64(struct State *s, size_t len, bool istext, iconv_t cd);
47 #endif /* MUTT_HANDLER_H */
bool C_ReflowText
Config: Reformat paragraphs of &#39;format=flowed&#39; text.
Definition: handler.c:70
String list.
Definition: slist.h:43
The body of an email.
Definition: body.h:34
bool C_IncludeOnlyfirst
Config: Only include the first attachment when replying.
Definition: handler.c:68
bool mutt_can_decode(struct Body *a)
Will decoding the attachment produce any output.
Definition: handler.c:1803
int mutt_body_handler(struct Body *b, struct State *s)
Handler for the Body of an email.
Definition: handler.c:1593
bool C_HonorDisposition
Config: Don&#39;t display MIME parts inline if they have a disposition of &#39;attachment&#39;.
Definition: handler.c:65
char * C_ShowMultipartAlternative
Config: How to display &#39;multipart/alternative&#39; MIME parts.
Definition: handler.c:71
struct Slist * C_PreferredLanguages
Config: Preferred languages for multilingual MIME.
Definition: handler.c:69
void mutt_decode_attachment(struct Body *b, struct State *s)
Decode an email&#39;s attachment.
Definition: handler.c:1843
Keep track when processing files.
Definition: state.h:44
bool C_IncludeEncrypted
Config: Whether to include encrypted content when replying.
Definition: handler.c:67
void mutt_decode_base64(struct State *s, size_t len, bool istext, iconv_t cd)
Decode base64-encoded text.
Definition: handler.c:1494
bool C_ImplicitAutoview
Config: Display MIME attachments inline if a &#39;copiousoutput&#39; mailcap entry exists.
Definition: handler.c:66