NeoMutt  2021-02-05-666-ge300cd
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Header cache multiplexor

This module implements the gateway between the user visible part of the header cache API and the backend specific API.

Also, this module implements the serialization/deserialization routines for the Header structure.

Function Description
dump() Serialise an Email object
hcache_per_folder() Generate the hcache pathname
mutt_hcache_close() Multiplexor for StoreOps::close
mutt_hcache_delete_record() Multiplexor for StoreOps::delete_record
mutt_hcache_fetch() Multiplexor for StoreOps::fetch
mutt_hcache_fetch_raw() Fetch a message's header from the cache
mutt_hcache_free() Multiplexor for StoreOps::free
mutt_hcache_open() Multiplexor for StoreOps::open
mutt_hcache_store() Multiplexor for StoreOps::store
mutt_hcache_store_raw() store a key / data pair