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Header cache multiplexor

This module implements the gateway between the user visible part of the header cache API and the backend specific API.

Also, this module implements the serialization/deserialization routines for the Header structure.


Function Description Links
create_hcache_dir() Create parent dirs for the hcache database
dump_email() Serialise an Email object
email_pack_flags() Pack the Email flags into a uint32_t
email_pack_timezone() Pack the Email timezone into a uint32_t
email_unpack_flags() Unpack the Email flags from a uint32_t
email_unpack_timezone() Unpack the Email timezone from a uint32_t
free_raw() StoreOps::free
generate_hcachever() Calculate hcache version from dynamic configuration
get_foldername() Where should the cache be stored?
hcache_close() StoreOps::close
hcache_delete_email() StoreOps::delete_record
hcache_delete_raw() StoreOps::delete_record
hcache_fetch_email() StoreOps::fetch
hcache_fetch_raw_obj_full() Fetch a message's header from the cache into a destination object
hcache_fetch_raw_str() Fetch a string from the cache
hcache_free() Free a header cache
hcache_new() Create a new header cache
hcache_open() StoreOps::open
hcache_per_folder() Generate the hcache pathname
hcache_store_email() StoreOps::store
hcache_store_raw() Store a key / data pair
header_size() Compute the size of the header with uuid validity and crc
realkey() Compute the real key used in the backend, taking into account the compression method
restore_email() Restore an Email from data retrieved from the cache