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Email-object serialiser

Email-object serialiser.


Function Description Links
body_pack_flags() Pack the Body flags into a uint32_t
body_unpack_flags() Unpack the Body flags from a uint32_t
lazy_realloc() Reallocate some memory
serial_dump_address() Pack an Address into a binary blob
serial_dump_body() Pack an Body into a binary blob
serial_dump_buffer() Pack a Buffer into a binary blob
serial_dump_char() Pack a variable-length string into a binary blob
serial_dump_char_size() Pack a fixed-length string into a binary blob
serial_dump_envelope() Pack an Envelope into a binary blob
serial_dump_int() Pack an integer into a binary blob
serial_dump_parameter() Pack a Parameter into a binary blob
serial_dump_stailq() Pack a STAILQ into a binary blob
serial_dump_tags() Pack a TagList into a binary blob
serial_dump_uint32_t() Pack a uint32_t into a binary blob
serial_dump_uint64_t() Pack a uint64_t into a binary blob
serial_restore_address() Unpack an Address from a binary blob
serial_restore_body() Unpack a Body from a binary blob
serial_restore_buffer() Unpack a Buffer from a binary blob
serial_restore_char() Unpack a variable-length string from a binary blob
serial_restore_envelope() Unpack an Envelope from a binary blob
serial_restore_int() Unpack an integer from a binary blob
serial_restore_parameter() Unpack a Parameter from a binary blob
serial_restore_stailq() Unpack a STAILQ from a binary blob
serial_restore_tags() Unpack a TagList from a binary blob
serial_restore_uint32_t() Unpack an uint32_t from a binary blob
serial_restore_uint64_t() Unpack an uint64_t from a binary blob