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HCACHE: Header cache API

Header cache API

This module defines the user-visible header cache API, which is used within neomutt to cache and restore mail header data.

Email-object serialiser

Header cache multiplexor


File Description
hcache/bdb.c Berkeley DB
hcache/gdbm.c GDMB
hcache/kc.c Kyoto Cabinet
hcache/lmdb.c LMDB
hcache/qdbm.c QDBM
hcache/tc.c Tokyo Cabinet
Function Description
mutt_hcache_backend_list() get a list of backend identification strings
mutt_hcache_close() close the connection to the header cache
mutt_hcache_delete_header() delete a key / data pair
mutt_hcache_fetch() fetch and validate a message's header from the cache
mutt_hcache_free() free previously fetched data
mutt_hcache_open() open the connection to the header cache
mutt_hcache_store() store a Header along with a validity datum