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Help Bar Window

The Help Bar is a non-interactive window that displays some helpful key bindings for the current screen.

Windows can declare what should be displayed, when they have focus, by setting:

The Help Bar looks up which bindings correspond to the function names.


Name Type Constructor
Help Bar WT_HELP_BAR helpbar_new()



  • None


The Help Bar caches the formatted help string and information about the active Menu.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_BINDING helpbar_binding_observer()
NT_COLOR helpbar_color_observer()
NT_CONFIG helpbar_config_observer()
NT_WINDOW helpbar_window_observer()
MuttWindow::recalc() helpbar_recalc()
MuttWindow::repaint() helpbar_repaint()


Function Description Links
compile_help() Create the text for the help menu
helpbar_binding_observer() Notification that a Key Binding has changed observer_t, observer_api
helpbar_color_observer() Notification that a Color has changed observer_t, observer_api
helpbar_config_observer() Notification that a Config Variable has changed observer_t, observer_api
helpbar_new() Create the Help Bar Window
helpbar_recalc() Recalculate the display of the Help Bar MuttWindow::recalc(), window_recalc
helpbar_repaint() Redraw the Help Bar MuttWindow::repaint(), window_repaint
helpbar_window_observer() Notification that a Window has changed observer_t, observer_api
make_help() Create one entry for the Help Bar