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IMAP network mailbox

Support for IMAP4rev1, with the occasional nod to IMAP 4.

Implementation: MxImapOps


Data Description Links
ImapCommands Imap Commands
MxImapOps IMAP Mailbox MxOps, mx_api


Function Description Links
check_capabilities() Make sure we can log in to this server
compare_flags_for_copy() Compare local flags against the server
complete_hosts() Look for completion matches for mailboxes
get_flags() Make a simple list out of a FLAGS response
imap_ac_add() Add a Mailbox to an Account MxOps::ac_add(), mx_ac_add
imap_ac_owns_path() Check whether an Account owns a Mailbox path MxOps::ac_owns_path(), mx_ac_owns_path
imap_access() Check permissions on an IMAP mailbox with a new connection
imap_check_mailbox() Use the NOOP or IDLE command to poll for new mail
imap_close_connection() Close an IMAP connection
imap_complete() Try to complete an IMAP folder path
imap_create_mailbox() Create a new mailbox
imap_delete_mailbox() Delete a mailbox
imap_expand_path() Buffer wrapper around imap_path_canon()
imap_expunge_mailbox() Purge messages from the server
imap_fast_trash() Use server COPY command to copy deleted messages to trash
imap_has_flag() Does the flag exist in the list
imap_init() Setup feature commands
imap_login() Open an IMAP connection
imap_logout() Gracefully log out of server
imap_logout_all() Close all open connections
imap_mailbox_status() Refresh the number of total and new messages
imap_mbox_check() Check for new mail MxOps::mbox_check(), mx_mbox_check
imap_mbox_check_stats() Check the Mailbox statistics MxOps::mbox_check_stats(), mx_mbox_check_stats
imap_mbox_close() Close a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_close(), mx_mbox_close
imap_mbox_open() Open a mailbox MxOps::mbox_open(), mx_mbox_open
imap_mbox_open_append() Open a Mailbox for appending MxOps::mbox_open_append(), mx_mbox_open_append
imap_mbox_select() Select a Mailbox
imap_msg_open_new() Open a new message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open_new(), mx_msg_open_new
imap_notify_delete_email() Inform IMAP that an Email has been deleted
imap_open_connection() Open an IMAP connection
imap_path_canon() Canonicalise a Mailbox path MxOps::path_canon(), mx_path_canon
imap_path_is_empty() Is the mailbox empty MxOps::path_is_empty(), mx_path_is_empty
imap_path_probe() Is this an IMAP Mailbox? MxOps::path_probe(), mx_path_probe
imap_path_status() Refresh the number of total and new messages
imap_read_literal() Read bytes bytes from server into file
imap_rename_mailbox() Rename a mailbox
imap_sort_email_uid() Compare two Emails by UID sort_t, sort_api
imap_status() Refresh the number of total and new messages
imap_subscribe() Subscribe to a mailbox
imap_sync_mailbox() Sync all the changes to the server
imap_sync_message_for_copy() Update server to reflect the flags of a single message
imap_tags_commit() Save the tags to a message MxOps::tags_commit(), mx_tags_commit
imap_tags_edit() Prompt and validate new messages tags MxOps::tags_edit(), mx_tags_edit
longest_common_prefix() Find longest prefix common to two strings
select_email_uids() Create a list of Email UIDs by type
set_flag() Append str to flags if we currently have permission according to aclflag
sync_helper() Sync flag changes to the server