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IMAP messages

Manage IMAP messages.


Function Description Links
emails_to_uid_array() Extract IMAP UIDs from Emails
flush_buffer() Write data to a connection
imap_alloc_uid_hash() Create a Hash Table for the UIDs
imap_append_message() Write an email back to the server
imap_bcache_open() Open a message cache
imap_cache_clean() Delete all the entries in the message cache
imap_cache_del() Delete an email from the body cache
imap_copy_messages() Server COPY messages to another folder
imap_fetch_msn_seqset() Generate a sequence set
imap_msg_close() Close an email MxOps::msg_close(), mx_msg_close
imap_msg_commit() Save changes to an email MxOps::msg_commit(), mx_msg_commit
imap_msg_open() Open an email message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open(), mx_msg_open
imap_msg_save_hcache() Save message to the header cache MxOps::msg_save_hcache(), mx_msg_save_hcache
imap_read_headers() Read headers from the server
imap_set_flags() Fill the message header according to the server flags
imap_verify_qresync() Check to see if QRESYNC got jumbled
msg_cache_clean_cb() Delete an entry from the message cache bcache_list_t, bcache_list_api
msg_cache_commit() Add to the message cache
msg_cache_get() Get the message cache entry for an email
msg_cache_put() Put an email into the message cache
msg_fetch_header() Import IMAP FETCH response into an ImapHeader
msg_parse_fetch() Handle headers returned from header fetch
msg_parse_flags() Read a FLAGS token into an ImapHeader
query_abort_header_download() Ask the user whether to abort the download
read_headers_condstore_qresync_updates() Retrieve updates from the server
read_headers_fetch_new() Retrieve new messages from the server
read_headers_normal_eval_cache() Retrieve data from the header cache
read_headers_qresync_eval_cache() Retrieve data from the header cache
set_changed_flag() Have the flags of an email changed