NeoMutt  2018-07-16 +2388-bcedc8
Teaching an old dog new tricks
GUI manage the main index (list of emails)

GUI manage the main index (list of emails)

Function Description
ci_first_message() Get index of first new message
ci_next_undeleted() Find the next undeleted email
ci_previous_undeleted() Find the previous undeleted email
mutt_draw_statusline() Draw a highlighted status bar
mutt_index_menu() Display a list of emails
mutt_reply_observer() Listen for config changes to "reply_regex" - Implements observer_t()
mutt_set_header_color() Select a colour for a message
mx_toggle_write() Toggle the mailbox's readonly flag
update_index_threaded() Update the index (if threaded)
update_index_unthreaded() Update the index (if unthreaded)
update_index() Update the index