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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Index Window

The Index Window displays a list of emails to the user.


Name Type See Also
Index Window WT_DLG_INDEX index_window_new()





The Index Window stores its data (IndexPrivateData) in MuttWindow::wdata.


Once constructed, it is controlled by the following events:

Event Type Handler
NT_ALTERN index_altern_observer()
NT_ATTACH index_attach_observer()
NT_COLOR index_color_observer()
NT_CONFIG index_config_observer()
NT_MENU index_menu_observer()
NT_SCORE index_score_observer()
NT_SUBJRX index_subjrx_observer()
NT_WINDOW index_window_observer()
MuttWindow::recalc() index_recalc()
MuttWindow::repaint() index_repaint()

The Index Window does not implement MuttWindow::recalc() or MuttWindow::repaint().

Some other events are handled by the window's children.


Function Description Links
config_reply_regex() React to changes to $reply_regex
config_sort() React to changes to "sort"
config_use_threads() React to changes to "use_threads"
get_current_mailbox() Get the current Mailbox
get_current_menu() Get the current Menu
index_adjust_sort_threads() Adjust use_threads/sort/sort_aux
index_altern_observer() Notification that an 'alternates' command has occurred observer_t, observer_api
index_attach_observer() Notification that an 'attachments' command has occurred observer_t, observer_api
index_color_observer() Notification that a Color has changed observer_t, observer_api
index_config_observer() Notification that a Config Variable has changed observer_t, observer_api
index_global_observer() Notification that a Global event occurred observer_t, observer_api
index_index_observer() Notification that the Index has changed observer_t, observer_api
index_menu_observer() Notification that the Menu has changed observer_t, observer_api
index_recalc() Recalculate the Index display MuttWindow::recalc(), window_recalc
index_repaint() Repaint the Index display MuttWindow::repaint(), window_repaint
index_score_observer() Notification that a 'score' command has occurred observer_t, observer_api
index_subjrx_observer() Notification that a 'subjectrx' command has occurred observer_t, observer_api
index_window_new() Create a new Index Window (list of Emails)
index_window_observer() Notification that a Window has changed observer_t, observer_api
sort_use_threads_warn() Alert the user to odd $sort settings