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Teaching an old dog new tricks
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24#ifndef MUTT_INIT_H
25#define MUTT_INIT_H
27#include <stdbool.h>
28#include "core/lib.h"
29#include "mutt.h"
31struct Buffer;
32struct ConfigSet;
33struct ListHead;
35void init_config (struct ConfigSet *cs);
36int mutt_extract_token (struct Buffer *dest, struct Buffer *tok, TokenFlags flags);
37int mutt_init (struct ConfigSet *cs, bool skip_sys_rc, struct ListHead *commands);
38void mutt_opts_free (void);
39enum CommandResult mutt_parse_rc_buffer (struct Buffer *line, struct Buffer *token, struct Buffer *err);
40enum CommandResult mutt_parse_rc_line (const char *line, struct Buffer *err);
41int mutt_query_variables (struct ListHead *queries, bool show_docs);
43#endif /* MUTT_INIT_H */
Error codes for command_t parse functions.
Definition: command.h:34
Convenience wrapper for the core headers.
int mutt_extract_token(struct Buffer *dest, struct Buffer *tok, TokenFlags flags)
Extract one token from a string.
Definition: init.c:272
enum CommandResult mutt_parse_rc_line(const char *line, struct Buffer *err)
Parse a line of user config.
Definition: init.c:893
enum CommandResult mutt_parse_rc_buffer(struct Buffer *line, struct Buffer *token, struct Buffer *err)
Parse a line of user config.
Definition: init.c:835
void init_config(struct ConfigSet *cs)
Initialise the config system.
Definition: mutt_config.c:787
int mutt_query_variables(struct ListHead *queries, bool show_docs)
Implement the -Q command line flag.
Definition: init.c:917
void mutt_opts_free(void)
Clean up before quitting.
Definition: init.c:518
int mutt_init(struct ConfigSet *cs, bool skip_sys_rc, struct ListHead *commands)
Initialise NeoMutt.
Definition: init.c:574
Many unsorted constants and some structs.
uint16_t TokenFlags
Flags for mutt_extract_token(), e.g. MUTT_TOKEN_EQUAL.
Definition: mutt.h:66
struct CommandArray commands
String manipulation buffer.
Definition: buffer.h:34
Container for lots of config items.
Definition: set.h:260