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Representation of a mailbox

Representation of a mailbox

Data Description
MailboxCount how many boxes with new mail
MailboxNotify # of unnotified new boxes
MailboxStatsTime last time we check performed mail_check_stats
MailboxTime last time we started checking for mail
Function Description
mutt_buffer_mailbox() incoming folders completion routine
mutt_find_mailbox_desc() Find the mailbox with a given description
mutt_find_mailbox() Find the mailbox with a given path
mutt_mailbox_changed() Notify listeners of a change to a Mailbox
mutt_mailbox_check() Check all AllMailboxes for new mail
mutt_mailbox_cleanup() Restore the timestamp of a mailbox
mutt_mailbox() incoming folders completion routine
mutt_mailbox_list() List the mailboxes with new mail
mutt_mailbox_notify() Notify the user if there's new mail
mutt_mailbox_setnotified() Note when the user was last notified of new mail
mutt_mailbox_size_add() Add an email's size to the total size of a Mailbox
mutt_mailbox_size_sub() Subtract an email's size from the total size of a Mailbox
mutt_update_mailbox() Get the mailbox's current size