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Mbox local mailbox type

Mbox local mailbox type.

This file contains code to parse 'mbox' and 'mmdf' style mailboxes.

Implementation: MxMboxOps Implementation: MxMmdfOps


Data Description Links
MxMboxOps Mbox Mailbox MxOps, mx_api
MxMmdfOps MMDF Mailbox MxOps, mx_api


Function Description Links
init_mailbox() Add Mbox data to the Mailbox
mbox_ac_add() Add a Mailbox to an Account MxOps::ac_add(), mx_ac_add
mbox_ac_owns_path() Check whether an Account owns a Mailbox path MxOps::ac_owns_path(), mx_ac_owns_path
mbox_adata_free() Free the private Account data Account::adata_free(), account_adata_free
mbox_adata_get() Get the private data associated with a Mailbox
mbox_adata_new() Create a new MboxAccountData struct
mbox_has_new() Does the mailbox have new mail
mbox_lock_mailbox() Lock a mailbox
mbox_mbox_check() Check for new mail MxOps::mbox_check(), mx_mbox_check
mbox_mbox_check_stats() Check the Mailbox statistics MxOps::mbox_check_stats(), mx_mbox_check_stats
mbox_mbox_close() Close a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_close(), mx_mbox_close
mbox_mbox_open() Open a Mailbox MxOps::mbox_open(), mx_mbox_open
mbox_mbox_open_append() Open a Mailbox for appending MxOps::mbox_open_append(), mx_mbox_open_append
mbox_mbox_sync() Save changes to the Mailbox MxOps::mbox_sync(), mx_mbox_sync
mbox_msg_close() Close an email MxOps::msg_close(), mx_msg_close
mbox_msg_commit() Save changes to an email MxOps::msg_commit(), mx_msg_commit
mbox_msg_open() Open an email message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open(), mx_msg_open
mbox_msg_open_new() Open a new message in a Mailbox MxOps::msg_open_new(), mx_msg_open_new
mbox_msg_padding_size() Bytes of padding between messages MxOps::msg_padding_size(), mx_msg_padding_size
mbox_open_readonly() Open an mbox read-only
mbox_open_readwrite() Open an mbox read-write
mbox_parse_mailbox() Read a mailbox from disk
mbox_path_canon() Canonicalise a Mailbox path MxOps::path_canon(), mx_path_canon
mbox_path_is_empty() Is the mailbox empty MxOps::path_is_empty(), mx_path_is_empty
mbox_path_probe() Is this an mbox Mailbox? MxOps::path_probe(), mx_path_probe
mbox_reset_atime() Reset the access time on the mailbox file
mbox_unlock_mailbox() Unlock a mailbox
mmdf_msg_commit() Save changes to an email MxOps::msg_commit(), mx_msg_commit
mmdf_msg_padding_size() Bytes of padding between messages MxOps::msg_padding_size(), mx_msg_padding_size
mmdf_parse_mailbox() Read a mailbox in MMDF format
reopen_mailbox() Close and reopen a mailbox