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23 #ifndef MUTT_IMAP_MSN_H
24 #define MUTT_IMAP_MSN_H
26 #include <stdlib.h>
28 struct MSN;
29 struct Email;
31 void imap_msn_free (struct MSN *msn);
32 struct Email *imap_msn_get (const struct MSN *msn, size_t idx);
33 size_t imap_msn_highest(const struct MSN *msn);
34 void imap_msn_remove (struct MSN *msn, size_t idx);
35 void imap_msn_reserve(struct MSN *msn, size_t num);
36 void imap_msn_set (struct MSN *msn, size_t idx, struct Email *e);
37 size_t imap_msn_shrink (struct MSN *msn, size_t num);
39 #endif /* !MUTT_IMAP_MSN_H */
size_t imap_msn_highest(const struct MSN *msn)
Return the highest MSN in use.
Definition: msn.c:68
The envelope/body of an email.
Definition: email.h:37
size_t imap_msn_shrink(struct MSN *msn, size_t num)
Remove a number of entries from the end of the cache.
Definition: msn.c:102
void imap_msn_remove(struct MSN *msn, size_t idx)
Remove an entry from the cache.
Definition: msn.c:112
size_t idx
Definition: mailbox.c:257
void imap_msn_free(struct MSN *msn)
Free the cache.
Definition: msn.c:58
struct Email * imap_msn_get(const struct MSN *msn, size_t idx)
Return the Email associated with an msn.
Definition: msn.c:79
void imap_msn_set(struct MSN *msn, size_t idx, struct Email *e)
Cache an Email into a given position.
Definition: msn.c:91
void imap_msn_reserve(struct MSN *msn, size_t num)
Create / reallocate the cache.
Definition: msn.c:40