NeoMutt  2022-04-29-249-gaae397
Teaching an old dog new tricks
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29#include "config.h"
30#include <stdio.h>
31#include "mutt/lib.h"
32#include "config/lib.h"
33#include "core/lib.h"
34#include "mutt_history.h"
35#include "history/lib.h"
43void mutt_hist_complete(char *buf, size_t buflen, enum HistoryClass hclass)
45 const short c_history = cs_subset_number(NeoMutt->sub, "history");
46 char **matches = mutt_mem_calloc(c_history, sizeof(char *));
47 int match_count = mutt_hist_search(buf, hclass, matches);
48 if (match_count)
49 {
50 if (match_count == 1)
51 mutt_str_copy(buf, matches[0], buflen);
52 else
53 dlg_select_history(buf, buflen, matches, match_count);
54 }
55 FREE(&matches);
63 if (nc->event_type != NT_CONFIG)
64 return 0;
65 if (!nc->event_data)
66 return -1;
68 struct EventConfig *ev_c = nc->event_data;
70 if (!mutt_str_equal(ev_c->name, "history"))
71 return 0;
74 mutt_debug(LL_DEBUG5, "history done\n");
75 return 0;
short cs_subset_number(const struct ConfigSubset *sub, const char *name)
Get a number config item by name.
Definition: helpers.c:169
Convenience wrapper for the config headers.
Convenience wrapper for the core headers.
void dlg_select_history(char *buf, size_t buflen, char **matches, int match_count)
Select an item from a history list.
Definition: dlg_history.c:129
#define mutt_debug(LEVEL,...)
Definition: logging.h:84
int main_hist_observer(struct NotifyCallback *nc)
Notification that a Config Variable has changed - Implements observer_t -.
Definition: mutt_history.c:61
Read/write command history from/to a file.
Type to differentiate different histories.
Definition: lib.h:48
int mutt_hist_search(const char *search_buf, enum HistoryClass hclass, char **matches)
Find matches in a history list.
Definition: history.c:409
void mutt_hist_init(void)
Create a set of empty History ring buffers.
Definition: history.c:465
Log at debug level 5.
Definition: logging.h:44
void * mutt_mem_calloc(size_t nmemb, size_t size)
Allocate zeroed memory on the heap.
Definition: memory.c:50
#define FREE(x)
Definition: memory.h:43
Convenience wrapper for the library headers.
bool mutt_str_equal(const char *a, const char *b)
Compare two strings.
Definition: string.c:807
size_t mutt_str_copy(char *dest, const char *src, size_t dsize)
Copy a string into a buffer (guaranteeing NUL-termination)
Definition: string.c:652
void mutt_hist_complete(char *buf, size_t buflen, enum HistoryClass hclass)
Complete a string from a history list.
Definition: mutt_history.c:43
Read/write command history from/to a file.
Config has changed, NotifyConfig, EventConfig.
Definition: notify_type.h:43
A config-change event.
Definition: subset.h:70
const char * name
Name of config item that changed.
Definition: subset.h:72
Container for Accounts, Notifications.
Definition: neomutt.h:37
struct ConfigSubset * sub
Inherited config items.
Definition: neomutt.h:39
Data passed to a notification function.
Definition: observer.h:34
void * event_data
Data from notify_send()
Definition: observer.h:38
enum NotifyType event_type
Send: Event type, e.g. NT_ACCOUNT.
Definition: observer.h:36