NeoMutt  2021-02-05-666-ge300cd
Teaching an old dog new tricks
General purpose object for storing and parsing strings

The Buffer object make parsing and manipulating strings easier.

Function Description
mutt_buffer_addch() Add a single character to a Buffer
mutt_buffer_add_printf() Format a string appending a Buffer
mutt_buffer_addstr() Add a string to a Buffer
mutt_buffer_addstr_n() Add a string to a Buffer, expanding it if necessary
mutt_buffer_alloc() Make sure a buffer can store at least new_size bytes
mutt_buffer_concatn_path() Join a directory name and a filename
mutt_buffer_concat_path() Join a directory name and a filename
mutt_buffer_copy() Copy a Buffer's contents to another Buffer
mutt_buffer_dealloc() Release the memory allocated by a buffer
mutt_buffer_fix_dptr() Move the dptr to end of the Buffer
mutt_buffer_init() Initialise a new Buffer
mutt_buffer_is_empty() Is the Buffer empty?
mutt_buffer_len() Calculate the length of a Buffer
mutt_buffer_make() Make a new buffer on the stack
mutt_buffer_printf() Format a string overwriting a Buffer
mutt_buffer_reset() Reset an existing Buffer
mutt_buffer_seek() set current read/write position to offset from beginning
mutt_buffer_strcpy() Copy a string into a Buffer
mutt_buffer_strcpy_n() Copy a string into a Buffer
mutt_buffer_strdup() Copy a Buffer's string
mutt_buffer_substrcpy() Copy a partial string into a Buffer