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Logging Dispatcher

Logging Dispatcher.


Data Description Links
LevelAbbr Abbreviations of logging level names
LogFileFP Log file handle
LogFileLevel Log file level
LogFileName Log file name
LogFileVersion Program version
LogQueue In-memory list of log lines
LogQueueCount Number of entries currently in the log queue
LogQueueMax Maximum number of entries in the log queue
MuttLogger The log dispatcher logging_api


Function Description Links
log_disp_file() Save a log line to a file log_dispatcher_t, logging_api
log_disp_null() Discard log lines log_dispatcher_t, logging_api
log_disp_queue() Save a log line to an internal queue log_dispatcher_t, logging_api
log_disp_terminal() Save a log line to the terminal log_dispatcher_t, logging_api
log_file_close() Close the log file
log_file_open() Start logging to a file
log_file_running() Is the log file running?
log_file_set_filename() Set the filename for the log
log_file_set_level() Set the logging level
log_file_set_version() Set the program's version number
log_queue_add() Add a LogLine to the queue
log_queue_empty() Free the contents of the queue
log_queue_flush() Replay the log queue
log_queue_save() Save the contents of the queue to a temporary file
log_queue_set_max_size() Set a upper limit for the queue length
timestamp() Create a YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS timestamp