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Teaching an old dog new tricks
Multi-byte String manipulation functions

Some commonly-used multi-byte string manipulation routines.

Function Description
mutt_mb_charlen() Count the bytes in a (multibyte) character
mutt_mb_filter_unprintable() Replace unprintable characters
mutt_mb_get_initials() Turn a name into initials
mutt_mb_is_display_corrupting_utf8() Will this character corrupt the display?
mutt_mb_is_lower() Does a multi-byte string contain only lowercase characters?
mutt_mb_is_shell_char() Is character not typically part of a pathname
mutt_mb_mbstowcs() Convert a string from multibyte to wide characters
mutt_mb_wcstombs() Convert a string from wide to multibyte characters
mutt_mb_wcswidth() Measure the screen width of a string
mutt_mb_wcwidth() Measure the screen width of a character
mutt_mb_width_ceiling() Keep the end of the string on-screen
mutt_mb_width() Measure a string's display width (in screen columns)