NeoMutt  2021-02-05-666-ge300cd
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Calculate the MD5 checksum of a buffer

Calculate the MD5 cryptographic hash of a string, according to RFC1321.

Function Description
mutt_md5_bytes() Calculate the MD5 hash of a buffer
mutt_md5() Calculate the MD5 hash of a NULL-terminated string
mutt_md5_finish_ctx() Process the remaining bytes in the buffer
mutt_md5_init_ctx() Initialise the MD5 computation
mutt_md5_process_block() Process a block with MD5
mutt_md5_process_bytes() Process a block of data
mutt_md5_process() Process a NULL-terminated string
mutt_md5_read_ctx() Read from the context into a buffer
mutt_md5_toascii() Convert a binary MD5 digest into ASCII Hexadecimal